1st Edition

Mudflow Rheology and Dynamics

By Philippe Coussot Copyright 1997

    Presenting current knowledge in the field of mudflows, this book includes both rheological mudflow aspects, and information on mudflow characteristics in open channels. It includes sections on:

    · physical properties of suspensions
    · shear rheometry with suspensions
    · rheology of clay-water mixtures
    · rheology of mud suspensions
    · gradually and rapidly varied free surface flows

    Part of the IAHR Monograph Series, this informative book also includes fundamental equations for viscoplastic flows and provides the reader with helpful introductions to all the aspects it covers.

    Physical properties of suspensions; introduction to rheology and fluid dynamics; introduction to suspension rheology; shear rheometry with suspensions; rheology of clay-water mixtures; rheology of mud suspensions; fundamental equations for viscoplastic flows; uniform flows; roll waves; gradually and rapidly varied free surface flows. (Part contents)


    Philippe Coussot