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Multi-Scale and Multi-Functional Materials: Design, Development, and Applications

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The demand for Multi-Scale and Multi-Functional polymers, metal alloys, and composites for various engineering applications such as biomedical, aerospace, electronics, tissue engineering, healthcare, and energy storage applications has been increasing day by day. These materials are a unique combination of compositional and microstructural to satisfy specific sets of performance requirements of thermal, structural, mechanical, and biological. This book series covers the concurrent design of materials via multi-scale modeling and a multi-level robust design approach and includes the most recent advances in artificial intelligence-based techniques for (a) accelerating material discovery, (b) improving/accelerating synthesis protocols, (c) enhancing existing characterization methods, and (d) developing robust, efficient, and accurate materials models, as well as simulation methods at multiple length scales; advances in machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms targeted towards materials, chemistry, and applications will also be discussed. Books will cover processes such as precision machining, processing, coating, deposition, cladding, surface finishing, and emerging advanced manufacturing technologies to enhance the performance of materials to reduce friction coefficients, lower wear rates, increase corrosion resistance, improve fatigue performance, and a range of multi-functional features. Therefore, this book series is aimed to provide a globalized platform to share innovative manufacturing methodologies for the synthesis and development of Multi-Scale and Multi-Functional materials.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Thermal Spray Industry Practices, Implementation, and Challenges

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Thermal Spray Industry: Practices, Implementation, and Challenges

1st Edition

By Lalit Thakur, Hitesh Vasudev, Jashanpreet Singh, Gaurav Prashar
December 01, 2023

This book details the emerging area of the induction of expert systems in thermal spray technology, replacing traditional parametric optimization methods like numerical modeling and simulation. It promotes, enlightens, and hastens the digital transformation of the surface engineering industry by ...

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