1st Edition

Multi-Sited Ethnography Problems and Possibilities in the Translocation of Research Methods

Edited By Simon Coleman, Pauline von Hellermann Copyright 2011
    ISBN 9780415849012
    228 Pages
    Published May 23, 2013 by Routledge

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    Published June 7, 2011 by Routledge

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    This collection of essays emerged out of intense conversations on multi-sited ethnography, prompted by a workshop held at the University of Sussex that brought together researchers from different institutional backgrounds and affiliations in Europe, the United States and Africa – including George Marcus himself, the person most associated with the term and the method. These researchers were brought together not only to discuss the shifting meaning of the concept in anthropology, but also to see how it has influenced actual research projects that have spanned the world. The volume that has resulted is not meant to be read as a program but as an extended provocation, an argument that multi-sitedness can be good not only to think, but also to act, both with and through. Arguably, this creation of a dynamic, shifting perspective is not so different from anthropology itself – a discipline dependent on the cultivation of aesthetic, embodied and intellectual sensibilities in relation to the world at large.

    1. Introduction: Queries, Collaborations, Calibrations  Simon Coleman and Pauline von Hellermann  2. Multi-Sited Ethnography: Five or Six Things I Know About It Now  George E. Marcus  Section A: Spatialities of the Field  Section A Introduction  Michael Crang  3. Researching Lives in Motion: Multi-sited Strategies in a Transnational Context  Kanwal Mand  4. The Unwelcome Ethnographer, or What ‘Our’ People (May) Think of Multi-sited Research  Ester Gallo  5. Exploring Senegalese Trans-local Spaces: Reflections on Multi-Sited Research  Bruno Riccio  Section B: Challenging Conventions? Multi-Sited Ethnographies of Institutions and Processes  Section B Inroduction  Andrea Cornwall  6. ‘What do You Call the Heathen These Days?’: For and Against Renewal in the Norwegian Mission Society  Ingie Hovland  7. From Boardrooms to Mineshafts: In Pursuit of Global Corporate Citizenship  Dinah Rajak  8. Understanding HIV/AIDS in Uganda: Sites and Positions  Michael A. Whyte, Susan Reynolds Whyte and Jenipher Twebaze  Section C: Multiple Pathways and the Price of Liberation  Section C Introduction  James Fairhead  9. Migratory Birds, Migratory Scientists, and Shifting Fields: The Political Ecology of a Northern Coastline  Werner Krauss  10. The Anxieties of Engaging in Multi-Sited PhD Research: Reflections on Researching Indigenous Rights Processes in Venezuela  Kathryn Tomlinson  11. Teaching with George Marcus (and Learning from Michael Fischer): Pedagogy as Multi-Sited Ethnography  Kaushik Sunder Rajan  12. Novelty and Method: Reflections on Global Fieldwork  James Ferguson


    Simon Coleman is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Sussex.

    Pauline von Hellermann is a Research Fellow in Anthropology at the University of Sussex.

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