1st Edition

Multi-Span Large Bridges International Conference on Multi-Span Large Bridges, 1-3 July 2015, Porto, Portugal

Edited By Pedro Pacheco, Filipe Magalhaes Copyright 2015

    Throughout the last decades, the increasing development of the urban metropolis and the need to establish fundamental infrastructure networks, promoted the development of important projects worldwide and several Multi-Span Large Bridges have been erected. Certainly, many more will be erected in the next decades. This international context undoubtedly justifies the first International Conference on Multi-Span Large Bridges.

    The Multi-Span Large Bridges book contains the keynote lectures and the extended abstracts of selected papers presented at the Multi-Span Large Bridges International Conference (MSLB2015), organized by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, in cooperation with IST (Lisbon), University of Minho and LNEC, held in Porto, Portugal, from 1st to 3rd July, 2015.

    The most relevant themes covered in the book are: Landmark Projects, Conceptual Design, Innovative Construction Methods, Special Foundations and Geotechnical Site Investigations, Life Cycle, Monitoring, Maintenance & Management, Incidents and Accidents, New Materials and Special Devices, Extreme Loads, Rehabilitation, Safety and Serviceability, and Structural Analysis.

    The Multi-Span Large Bridges book shares the knowledge of several world experts, contains the description of relevant experiences and reports state-of-art achievements which, definitely, will be invaluable to bridge engineers, structural engineers and scientists.

    Keynote Lectures
    General presentation of the Keynote Lectures

    Large viaducts, some executions a few ideas
    J. Manterola
    Design and construction of sea-crossing bridges – A review
    N. Hussain
    Viaducts with progressively erected decks
    J. Strasky
    Betwixt and between Portus and Cale
    A. Adão da Fonseca
    The Octavio Frias de Oliveira and Anita Garibaldi cable-stayed bridges
    C.F. Ribeiro
    Multi-span extradosed bridges
    A. Kasuga
    Multi-span large bridges – interaction between design and construction
    A.F. Bæksted
    Recent achievements in the design and construction of multi-span cable supported bridges in China
    A. Chen, R. Ma & X. Zhang
    Multi-span large decks – the organic prestressing impact
    P. Pacheco

    Experts, Experiences & Landmark projects
    Crossing of Bjørnafjorden – Floating bridge
    B. Villoria, J.B.Wielgosz & S.M. Johannesen
    Rion-Antirion Bridge – Challenging earthquakes
    E. Joly, P. Moine &A. Pecker
    Innovative erection methods of steel cable-stayed bridges
    M. de Miranda
    Viaduct over river Ulla in the Spanish Atlantic high speed railway line: An outstanding composite steel-concrete truss bridge
    F. Millanes, L. Matute & M. Ortega
    Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge, Brasília, Brazil
    F.B. de Barros & J. de Freitas Simões
    Bridge over the Cádiz Bay, Spain
    J. Manterola, A. Martínez, J.A. Navarro, S. Criado, S. Fuente, M.A. Gil, L. Blanco, G. Osborne, M. Escamilla & J.M. Domínguez
    Baluarte Bridge executive project
    G.R. Argüelles
    Queensferry Crossing: Role of concrete in the design and execution of the project
    P. Curran
    New Pumarejo Bridge over the river Magdalena in Barranquilla, Colombia
    J. Manterola, J. Muñoz-Rojas, S. Fernández, J.A. Navarro & S. Fuente
    Delivering the Padma Multipurpose Bridge project, Bangladesh
    W.K. Wheeler & C.J. Tolley
    The tied arch bridge of the Saale-Elster-Viaduct
    W. Eilzer, R. Jung, T. Mansperger & K. Humpf
    Construction and design features of the bridge over the Danube River, Bulgaria
    J. Manterola, A. Martínez, J.A. Navarro, J.L. Alvárez & J.I.D. de Argote
    TUNeIT – Towards a globalWorld
    E. Siviero, A.B. Amara, M. Guarascio, G. Bella, M. Zucconi, A. Adão da Fonseca & K. Slimi
    The Russky Bridge: Pylons design approach optimization
    L.V. Miklashevich & V.E. Rusanov
    Bridge across theWaschmühl Valley, Kaiserslautern, Germany: A harmonic symbiosis between a historic monument and a new innovative bridge
    K. Humpf, V. Angelmaier & W. Eilzer
    Viaduct over river Deba in the “Y-Basque” high speed railway line in the north of Spain
    F. Millanes, M. Ortega, P. Solera, H. Figueiredo & J. Ugarte
    Structural solutions and construction methods for the main crossing of the Mersey Gateway Bridge Project
    G.D. Moir, S.H. Jang, J. Seo & P. Sanders
    Design of the long-span footbridge over the Bug River in Niemirów
    J. Biliszczuk, J. Onysyk,W. Barcik, P. Prabucki, K. Ste˛pie´n, J. Szczepa´nski, R. Toczkiewicz, A. Tukendorf, K. Tukendorf & P.Wo´zny
    Design and proof checking of foundation, substructure and superstructure of Rail cum Road Bridge at Munger, Bihar, India
    H.M. Farook & G.S. Babu
    Multi-span bridge bypass over the Dziwna Strait
    J. Hołowaty
    Large multi-span bridges built in recent years in Poland
    J. Biliszczuk, J. Onysyk, P. Prabucki & R. Toczkiewicz
    Kassuende Bridge over Zambezi River in Tete, Mozambique
    T. Mendonça, V. Brito & M. Monteiro
    Multi-span bridge crossings for improved road access to Szczecin sea port
    J. Hołowaty
    Armado Guebuza Bridge over Zambezi River in Caia, Mozambique
    T. Mendonça, V. Brito & M. Almeida
    Design and construction of a long-span continuous fin-back bridge
    Y. Lu, M. Fu, X. He & C. Zhou
    Pinhal Interior Motorway Concession – IC3 – Section Condeixa – Coimbra – Special engineering structures – Construction processes
    T. Nogueira, A. Hipólito & N. Amaro
    Viaduct Araranguá – The alternative design of viaduct of 1661.59 meters in the BR-101/SC Brazil
    I.C. Santos & F.P.S. Nunes
    Design and construction of flyovers in Outer Ring Road, Delhi
    K. Ganesh &V. Shanmugham
    Haramain high speed railway line
    J.M.G. Parejo, M.T. Serrano, M.M. Cañueto, M.B. García & F.J.M. López
    Design and construction of viaduct to Mumbai International Airport
    P.G. Venkatram & K. Ganesh
    Meriç Bridge: Construction and quality control
    S. Uluöz, S. Düzbasan, T. Uluöz, E. Yakıt & U. Akyazı
    Design and construction of elevated viaduct at Nashik, India
    K. Ganesh & P. Murali

    Conceptual design
    Development of a submerged floating tube bridge for crossing of the Bjørnafjord
    M. Reiso, T.H. Søreide, S. Fossbakken, A.S. Brandtsegg, S.A. Haugerud, A. Nestegård, J.H. Sekse &A. Minoretti
    Three span floating suspension bridge crossing the Bjørnafjord
    J. Veie & S.H. Holtberget
    Long railway viaducts with special spans: Part 1. Arch construction by balanced cantilever with auxiliary cables
    J. Manterola, A. Martínez, B. Martín, J.A. Navarro, M.A. Gil, S. Fuente & L. Blanco
    Long railway viaducts with special spans: Part 2. Arch construction by tilting
    J. Manterola, J. Muñoz-Rojas, A. Martínez & S. Fernández
    Long railway viaducts with special spans: Part 3. Precast girders
    J. Manterola &A. Martínez
    Four spans continuous cable stayed bridges without extra cables
    J. Romo
    Particular design features for a long span cable-stayed bridge over the Harbour of Port Louis, Mauritius
    J. Jungwirth, J. Casper &A. Baumhauer
    A study on vehicular live load design based on actual vehicular load for a multi-span large cable-stayed bridge
    H. Sugiyama, H. Kanaji, H.Watanabe & O. Aketa
    Comparison of variants for New Peljesac Bridge in Croatia
    J. Radic, Z. Savor, M. Srbic & M. Pipenbaher
    Gebze–Orhangazi–Izmir Motorway, Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge
    N. Güngör & F. Zeybek
    Construction of cable-stayed bridge over the Drava River on Corridor Vc, Croatia
    P. Sesar, M.M. Buhin, D. Bani´c & S. Kralj
    Strait crossing of the Thermaikos Gulf with a mixed long-span bridge and subsea tunnel system
    M. Malindretou-Vika & P. Spyridis
    Segmental prestressed concrete multispan large bridges
    V. Barata, J.P. Cruz & P. Pereira
    Experience of some long multi-span bridges in Queensland, Australia (Part 1)
    J.A. Hart & E. Kittoli
    Experience of some long multi-span bridges in Queensland, Australia (Part 2)
    J.A. Hart & E. Kittoli
    Multi-span bridges: The first Chilean experience and future challenges
    M.A. Valenzuela, M. Márquez & I. Vallejo
    Optimization of cable weight in multi-span cable-stayed bridges. Application to the Forth Replacement Crossing
    A. Baldomir, E. Tembrás & S. Hernández
    Design parameters of suspension bridges: Updates of state of art and its application on multi-span typology
    I. Vallejo, M.A. Valenzuela & M. Márquez
    Comparative study of prestressing consumptions in 7 different constructive methods for 75m multi-span box girders
    A. Ferreira, B. Lima, F. Lopes & P. Pacheco
    KaTembe Bridge over Espírito Santo Estuary, in Maputo
    T. Mendonça, V. Brito & M. Monteiro
    The South Approach Viaduct of Izmit Bay Crossing Project
    N. Güngör
    Effect of hangers disposal on the steel consumption for bowstring arch bridges
    M. Daraban & I.R. R˘ac˘anel
    Strategy for durability of structural concrete in Mega-Sealinks in tropical sea-waters
    V.K. Raina
    ProjectWestgate – Lekki Beltway Bridge, Lagos, Nigeria
    C.M. Bednarski & A. Adão da Fonseca
    Innovative construction methods
    High productivity in bridge construction – the OPS effect
    P. Pacheco, H. Coelho, A. Resende, D. Carvalho & I. Soares
    FlexiArch-Stress Ribbon combination for multi-span pedestrian bridges
    A.E. Long, D. McPolin, S. Nanukuttan, A. Gupta & D. Robb
    Balanced lift method for the construction of bridges with two spans
    S. Foremniak, W.Weiss & J. Kollegger
    An innovative system of precast segmental span-by-span construction for span lengths of above 100 m
    J. Muñoz-Rojas, S. Fernández, C. Iglesias, P. Pacheco, H. Coelho & A. Resende
    Launching of fully welded steel long span bridges: Bogibeel bridge
    A.K. Mathur, S.S. Shukla & J. Gupta
    Swivel lowering operation of the viaduct over the River Tera
    F.J.M. López, M.B. García, M.M. Cañueto, J.M.G. Parejo & M.T. Serrano
    Deck forces of a cable-stayed bridge – “Analysis of the construction and the in-service phases”
    P. Almeida & R.C. Barros
    Building the decks of the world’s largest high speed train arch bridges with movable scaffolding systems
    A.A. Póvoas
    The Patani Bridge (Nigeria): Innovative construction methods
    P. Stellati & L. Marenzi
    Innovative spliced girder method for multi span bridges
    I.Z. Stern
    Innovative formwork systems in bridge construction – Case studies
    A. Preuer, M. Kamleithner, M. Mihal & C. Beer
    Prestressed I-beams made of ultra-high performance concrete for construction of railway bridges
    P. Tej, J. Kolísko, P. Bouška, M. Vokácˇ & J. Cech
    Preliminary assessment of wind actions in large span MSS
    A. Resende, H. Coelho & P. Pacheco
    Cabriel River Viaduct in Cofrentes (Valencia, Spain) bypass at N-330. Construction design
    J.F.M. Soriano, J.I.C. Vázquez & B.D. Santana
    Segmental precast technology for multi-span bridges (production, transportation and launching)
    V.N. Heggade
    Construction of Panipat Elevated Expressway on NH-1 on BOT basis
    P.N.S.S. Sastry
    Mold for full span method
    M. Kye
    Special foundations and geotechnical site investigations

    Offshore pile driving foundations monitored by PDA® Test at Puente Nigale
    M. Rojas, I. Miquilena & A. Souza
    Ceira bridge foundations: Combined Micropile and Footing Foundations (CMFF). Static load tests
    J.M.S. Cruz, M.S. Neves & S. Gil

    Tresfjord Bridge – Foundation of main span on 40m caisson on soil seabed
    K.B. Dahl, L. Toverud & D.E. Brekke
    Chiapas Bridge
    G.R. Argüelles

    Life cycle
    Life-cycle costs of bridge bearings – Key considerations for bridge designers and owners
    T. Spuler, N. Meng & G. Moor
    Application of the Monte-Carlo method to calculate the life-cycle costs of bridges
    C. Hofstadler & M. Kummer
    Selective use of non-corrosive rebar to increase concrete durability
    A.E.C. Borderon

    Monitoring, maintenance and management
    Dynamic characterization and continuous dynamic monitoring of long span bridges
    E. Caetano, A. Cunha, C. Moutinho & F. Magalhães
    Investigation and countermeasures for fatigue cracks that emerged on the finger joint of the cable-stayed bridge
    T. Kosugi, M. Takahashi, Y. Nakamura & H. Dobashi
    Management of the Severn Bridge Suspension Bridge
    C.R. Hendy, C. Mundell & D. Bishop
    Surveillance of continuous precast concrete bridge decks supported by monitoring-based techniques
    H. Sousa, C. Sousa, A.S. Neves, J. Figueiras & J. Bento
    Implementation of a B-WIM system in a centenary steel truss bridge
    F. Cavadas, B.J.A. Costa & J. Figueiras
    A novel inspection method for orthotropic steel decks using phased array ultrasonic testing
    T. Makita, H. Sakai, T. Suzuki & N. Yagi
    Self-evaluating smart expansion joints of multi-span and long bridges
    K. Islami & N. Meng
    Evaluation of fatigue crack formation in cantilever brackets of a multi-span railway steel box girder bridge
    L.R.T. Melo, R.M. Teixeira, A.P. da Conceição Neto &T.N. Bittencourt
    Investigations of post tensioned bridges with critical prestressing steel regarding hydrogen induced cracking (HIC)
    A.W. Gutsch & M.Walther
    Fatigue management of the midland links steel box girder decks
    C.R. Hendy & S. Chakrabarti
    Improved structural health monitoring strategies for better management of civil infrastructure systems
    J.Winkler, C.R. Hendy & P.Waterfall
    Assessment of thermal actions in the steel box girder of the Millau Viaduct
    L. Defaucheux, H. Desprets, Z. Hajar, C. Servant & M. Virlogeux
    Delayed deformations of concrete structures: The Savines bridge and the Cheviré bridge
    J.-P. Sellin, J.-F. Barthélémy, G. Bondonet, B. Cauvin & J.-M. Torrenti
    Laser scanner in identification of pathological manifestations in concrete
    S. Pavi, P. Gorkos, F. Bordin, M. Veronez & M. Kulakowski
    Management of the M4 Elevated Section substructures
    C.R. Hendy, C.T. Brock, A.D.J. Nicholls & S. El-Belbol
    Using data mining and numerical simulations for on-line monitoring of long span bridges
    J. Santos, P. Silveira, C. Crémona, A. Orcesi & L. Calado
    Monitoring based assessment of fatigue resistance of 40 year old pc bridges
    H.Weiher & K. Runtemund
    Maintenance method for cable-stayed and extradosed bridge with composite main girder
    H. Sakai
    Construction control of a long-span single pylon cable-stayed bridge
    C. Liu, L.J. Sun, Y.S. Ni & D. Xu
    Effect of cable corrosion on the structural response of cable-stayed bridges
    O.A. Olamigoke, G.A.R. Parke & M. Imam
    Fatigue analysis of cable anchorages on cable-stayed bridges
    N.A.M. Khairussaleh, G.A.R. Parke & M. Imam
    Monitored-based methodology to predict the initiation of corrosion in RC structures
    E.A. Tantele, R.A. Votsis &T. Onoufriou
    Analysis of indicators in concrete production decrease in Distrito Federal –
    DF: problem notes and solutions
    R.S. Simões, H.R. Filho, C.D.U. Palacio, M.T.M. Carvalho & S. da Silva Araújo

    Incidents and accidents
    Structural performance of cable-stayed footbridges to the loss of cable(s)
    O.A. Olamigoke, G.A.R. Parke & M. Imam
    Causes of the bridge falsework collapse near Levoˇca in Slovakia
    P. Paulík, J. Halvoník, V. Benko & L’. Fillo

    New materials and special devices
    Lightweight concrete for long-span bridges
    R.W. Castrodale
    Cable stayed footbridge with the deck made of UHPC
    J.L. Vítek & M. Kalný
    Non-destructive measurements to evaluate fiber dispersion and content in UHPFRC reinforcement layers
    S. Nunes, F. Ribeiro, A. Carvalho, M. Pimentel, E. Brühwiler & M. Bastien-Masse
    New test methods for stay cable systems
    A.W. Gutsch, M. Laube &T. Nolte
    Mechanical properties and explosive spalling behavior of the recycled steel fiber reinforced ultra-high-performance concrete
    G.F. Peng, J. Yang, Q.Q. Long, X.J. Niu &Y.X. Shi

    Extreme loads
    Characteristic of traffic loading response for multi-span large bridge
    J.Y. Zhou, X. Ruan & C.C. Caprani
    Multivariate probabilistic seismic demand analysis of steel-concrete composite bridges under near-fault pulse-like ground motions
    Y. Liu, D.G. Lu & F. Paolacci

    Innovative rehabilitation of large bridges – the Indian way
    P.Y. Manjure
    Widening of San Timoteo and Canero viaducts
    F.J.M. López, M.B. García, M.M. Cañueto, J.M.G. Parejo & M.T. Serrano
    Impregnation technique provides corrosion protection to grouted post-tensioning tendons
    D. Whitmore, I. Lasa & L. Haixue
    Assessment of epistemic uncertainties in the resistance of RC columns confined by CFRP
    J.R. Ferreira & S.M.C. Diniz
    Expansion joint renewal – Solutions that minimise impacts on the bridge’s structure, its users and its owner’s finances
    G. Moor, N. Meng & T. Spuler

    Safety and serviceability
    An efficient methodology for fatigue damage assessment of critical details on a long span composite railway bridge
    C.M.C. Albuquerque, A.L.L. Silva, A.M.P. de Jesus & R. Calçada
    Cyclic behavior of continuous railway viaducts made with U-shaped precast concrete girders
    C. Sousa, R. Calçada & A.S. Neves
    Concrete box girder bridge assessment – a stiffness adaptation approach
    G. Schreppers, A. de Boer & D. Begg
    Residual bridges bearing capacity analysis during service period subject to safety variability
    L.V. Miklashevich, L.A. Chernyshova &V.E. Rusanov
    Alkali-Silica Reaction, ASR – Review on how to deal with ASR in concrete structures
    J. Custódio, A.B. Ribeiro & A.S. Silva

    Structural analysis
    Non-linear ULS analysis of long-span reinforced concrete arches to EN 1992
    J. Nebreda & F. Millanes
    Stressing sequence of steel cable-stayed bridges built by cantilevering
    A. Recupero, M. Calvo, M.F. Granata & M. Arici
    Dynamic analysis for fatigue assessment of reinforced concrete slabs in railway viaducts
    J. Malveiro, C. Sousa, R. Calçada & D. Ribeiro
    Optimized bridge deck design using a genetic algorithm
    B. Lima & A. Ferreira
    Stiffened flanges used in steel box girder bridges
    P.S. Ferreira & F. Virtuoso
    Finite Element Modeling of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Suspension Bridge
    S.A. Kilic, H.J. Raatschen, B. Körfgen, A. Astaneh-Asl & N.M. Apaydin
    Numerical simulation of wind pressure of a continuous fin-back bridge
    M. Fu, X. Li, Z. Nie & Z. Tang
    Modeling bridge construction phasing by the balanced cantilever method – “Comparison between predicted and real camber values”
    L.G. Castro, R. Bastos & R.C. Barros
    Fatigue analysis induced by vibrations in stay-cables subjected to along wind turbulence component
    I. Failla, A. Recupero, G. Ricciardi & F. Saitta
    Rational and practical method for camber control in bridges built by successive segments
    R.N. Oyamada, H. Ishitani, R.A. Oshiro & A.M.L. Cardoso
    Application of nonlinear FEM to evaluate load bearing capacities – Capability and limitations
    S. Kattenstedt & R. Maurer
    Thermal analysis of a fin-back bridge under sudden drop in temperature
    F. Tian, Y. Lu & P. Zhu
    Comparison study of aeroelastic analysis of a pylon of the Mersey Gateway Bridge with its 2D/3D wind tunnel tests
    S.B. Kim, J. Rees, J.Y. Chung, S.H. Jang, G.D. Moir & J.H. Seo
    Numerical models used to simulate the “in situ” testing of a bridge on A1 motorway in Romania
    I.R. Racanel
    Wind effects analysis on cable stayed bridges decks
    V.D. Urdareanu & I.R. Racanel
    “Beam sectional analysis” an innovative technique for analysis of bridge superstructure
    K. Kashefi & A.H. Sheikh
    Large bridge in pergola for high velocity trains in Spain
    C. Jurado
    Advances of external prestressing tendons in multi-span curved box-girder bridges
    Y. Shen, T.Y. Song & G.P. Li
    Reinvestigation of post–tensioned bridge over Bitlis river
    B.D. Öztürk, E. Löker, E. Ökte & E. Talıblı
    A graphic exact method for analyzing hyperstatic spatial pergolaes
    A.G. Lacort
    Investigation on stability problems as a second order theory problem
    for piers with practically infinite bending stiffness
    V. Karatzas, G. Karydis, E.K. Roussou & T. Konstantakopoulos
    Suspension cables bridge and arches
    L.M. Laginha


    Pedro Pacheco, Filipe Magalhaes