314 Pages 106 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    314 Pages 106 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The new edition of this bestselling textbook, Multicultural Psychology, helps students gain an understanding of how race, ethnicity, and culture shape their beliefs and behavior as well as those of people around them. Giving a voice to people underrepresented in psychology and society, this book introduces multicultural research in biological, developmental, social, and clinical psychology. The book reviews histories, gender roles, and LGBTQ intersectionality of African Americans, Latinx Americans, Asian Americans/Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Americans of Middle Eastern and North African heritage, and Americans with Multiple Racial/Ethnic Heritages to provide in-depth coverage of the largest groups of color in the United States. It provides the perfect balance of careful presentation of psychological concepts, research, and theories, and a sensitive, expertly rendered discussion of their applications to people of color.

    This book is ideal for a course on Multicultural Psychology and a must read for all psychology students as well as for everyone interested in multiculturalism. It is accompanied by a full, updated set of resources for students and lecturers.

    Content new to this edition includes:

    • A chapter on Emerging Groups covering Americans of Middle Eastern and North African heritage, and Americans with Multiple Racial/Ethnic Heritages
    • Up-to-date research on a rapidly growing multicultural literature
    • Review of research on cultural responses to COVID-19
    • Coverage of White privilege and Whiteness
    • Expanded coverage of qualitative research methods
    • Recent neuroscience research on personally relevant interventions
    • Expanded coverage of LGBTQ intersectionality
    • A glossary
    • Updated instructor and student resources, including PowerPoint lecture slides, video resources, and classroom exercises and activities

    Part I. FOUNDATIONS OF MULTICULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY. 1. What is Multicultural Psychology? 2. Racial/Ethnic Identity and Acculturation. 3. Multicultural Research Methods. Part II. MULTICULTURAL ISSUES IN THE CONTEXT OF PSYCHOLOGY. 4. Biological Psychology. 5. Developmental Psychology. 6. Social Psychology. 7. Clinical Psychology. Part III. PSYCHOLOGY IN THE CONTEXT OF MULTICULTURAL ISSUES. 8. African Americans. 9. Latinx Americans. 10. Asian Americans/Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders. 11. Native Americans. 12. Emerging Groups. References. Glossary. Index.


    Gordon C. Nagayama Hall is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon. His research interests are in culture and mental health with a particular interest in Asian Americans.

    "Multicultural Psychology is a must read for anyone interested in culture, ethnicity, race, gender, and sexual orientation; as well as the intersection of these human variables. Grounded in a balance of psychological theory and research, Gordon C. Nagayama Hall expertly applies these concepts to People of Color. The book’s fourth edition actualizes multicultural psychological topics such as multiracial individuals, Americans of Middle Eastern and North African heritage, research on Covid-19 and ethnic minorities, in addition to valuable teacher and student resources. I highly recommend this excellent resource."

    Lillian Comas-Díaz, Ph.D., Clinical Professor, George Washington University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences