1st Edition

Multilingual Fiction Series Genres, Geographies and Performances

By Nahuel Ribke Copyright 2024

    This book explores the emergence and development of multilingual fiction series, a relatively new phenomenon propelled by the globalization of media industries and the consolidation of streaming platforms as central vectors in the production and consumption of audiovisual entertainment content.

    Through a detailed analysis of thriller, sitcom, and drama series, the book proposes an original qualitative and quantitative research methodology for the study of on-screen multilingual encounters, examining the relationship between multilingual speech and genre conventions. The book covers fiction series beyond English-speaking countries: alongside American productions, the analysis covers TV shows from Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East region.

    This interdisciplinary and original volume will interest scholars and students in film studies and media studies working on global media, as well as communication studies, television studies, sociolinguistics, media and cultural industries, and translation studies.

    1 Multilingualism in Film and Television: A (Fragmented) Historical, Cultural, and Economic Perspective

    2 On-Screen Multilingualism: A Theory and a Methodology

    3 Spies, Detectives, Undercover Soldiers, and the Spatiotemporal Patterns of Linguistic Interactions

    4 Bilingual Comedy Series: Ethnic Stereotypes, Demographics and the Televisual Architecture of Linguistic (Dis-)Encounters

    5 Unorthodox Bildungsroman: Multilingual Drama Series, Linguistic Nationalism, and Global Audiences

    6 Performing On-Screen Polyglotism

    7 Google Translate, Drones, and Popular Music: Technology and Culture as Multilingual Narrative Devices





    Nahuel Ribke is Associate Professor and Head of Film Studies at The Open University of Israel.