254 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    254 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The rise of global mobility has had a deep impact on the study of urban multilingualism. Once associated with research on minority speech communities and inner-city ethnolinguistic enclaves (Chinatowns, Little Italies, etc), it is now concerned much more with the use of multiple languages in diverse neighbourhoods across the city. In this book the authors take an innovative approach that builds on previously published work in two ways. First, it focuses on a single city and, second, it adopts a multidisciplinary approach to multilingualism. By examining the phenomenon of multilingualism in a single city from a range of perspectives this book paints a more comprehensive picture of the current dimensions of urban multilingualism. A unique feature of this book is the inclusion of contributions from scholars with expertise in education, geography, media, health communication and international studies, in addition to community practitioners. Sydney is the largest city in Australia and, on most counts, it is also among the most linguistically diverse cities in the world. As such it is an ideal site for a multidisciplinary study of urban multilingualism. The selection of 18 multidisciplinary case studies on multilingualism in Sydney, Australia represents some of the strongest and most innovative research on urban multilingualism in the world today. This book examines how multilingualism permeates institutional and everyday practice in the city, raising important questions about what a ‘multilingual city’ can and should be.

    Part I: A Multilingual City in a Multilingual World

    1. Sydney: A Multilingual City in a Multilingual World (Alice Chik, Lid King and Robyn Moloney)

    2. Multilingual Sydney: A City Report (Phil Benson and Anikó Hatoss)

    3. Language Diversity in Sydney: At Home and in Public (Alice Chik, James Forrest and Frank Siciliano)

    4. Sydney’s Metrolingual Assemblages: Yellow Matters (Emi Otsuji and Alastair Pennycook)

    Part II: Policy, Ideologies and Practice

    5. Developing Policy and Planning Services for a Multicultural Community (Roxana Rascon)

    6. Unpacking Monolingual Ideologies: Voices of Young Sydneysiders (Anikó Hatoss)

    7. Popular Music and Korean Learning: K-Pop in Australia (Sarah Keith)

    8. Model of Bilingual Practice in Speech Pathology: A Sydney Snapshot (Peter Roger)

    Part III: Learning Languages

    9. Migration, Multilingualism and Learning English in Sydney (Lynda Yates and Beth Zielinski)

    10. Dreams vs. Realities in English Language Learning in Sydney: English Language Ideologies among Korean Sojourners (Jinhyun Cho)

    11. Community Languages Schools: Bucking the Trend? (Ken Cruickshank)

    12. Constructing a Multilingual Community of Practice in Sydney Schools (Robyn Moloney)

    13. Perspectives on Multilingualism in Mainstream University Learning and Teaching: Case Studies from Sydney and Perth (Lauren Gorfinkel and Qian Gong)

    Part IV: Languages and Communities

    14. The Aboriginal Language of Sydney: Loss and Rediscovery (Jeremy Steele)

    15. Multilingualism in the Sydney Landscape: The Italian Impact (Antonia Rubino)

    16. Experiences of Language Maintenance and Shift among Second Generation Australians of Arabic Background: Perceptions of Agency (Kate Crittenden and Jill Murray)

    17. Philippine Languages in Multilingual Sydney (Loy Lising)

    18. Pragmatics, Communication and Learning in the Narratives of Australian-born Speakers of Greek (Jill Murray)

    19. Reflections on Multilingual Sydney in a Multilingual World (Kathleen Heugh and Phil Benson)


    Alice Chik is Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies and co-ordinator of the Macquarie University Multilingualism Research Group. Her research examines languages learning in digital environments. She is especially interested in exploring how language learners construct and direct their autonomous learning in informal contexts.

    Phil Benson is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Macquarie University. His main research interests in multilingualism are in language learning environments, language experiences of migrants and international students, and linguistic landscapes.

    Robyn Moloney is Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies at Macquarie University. Her teaching and research interests include language teacher education and pedagogy, the language issues within multiculturalism, teachers’ narratives, intercultural competences in teacher education and Chinese language education.

    'This volume dedicated to Sydney as a multilingual city is long overdue and very welcome. It brings together local experts and a range of thoughtfully organized contributions that cover wide but always relevant territory. This highly accessible book is a valuable contribution to our understanding not only of language diversity in Sydney but also of the diversity of multilingualism itself.'Professor John Hajek, Research Unit for Multilingualism and Cross-cultural Communication (RUMACCC), University of Melbourne

    'Today there is growing attention to the role of global cities in chains and networks of multilingual communication. Relative to their hinterlands urban conglomerations have always been characterized by dense professional and commercial differentiation but today the ethnic and linguistic complexity of great cities has expanded dramatically under the conditions of contemporary globalization. Global cities are much more than their links to immediate hinterland and surrounding nation; instead they are veritable containers of the social futures of humanity. Increasingly cities are tied together beyond their geography, by instantaneous communication technologies, into bonds of emotion, family diasporas, commercial networks and financial chains. Sydney is one such great metropolis. It is present everywhere through its people’s dense links of talk and writing all across the globe. This excellent volume puts Sydney on the map of the networked, multilingual cosmopolitan space, a unique container of the languages, cultures and identities of humanity.'Joseph Lo Bianco, Professor of Language and Literacy Education, University of Melbourne

    'Chik, Benson and Moloney have put together a fascinating account of the linguistic diversity in the cosmopolitan centre of Sydney. Topics covered in the volume include linguistic landscape, popular music and media, language learning, language ideologies, and models of bilingual practices in speech and language pathology. The theoretical and methodological implications of the studies in this volume are far reaching and go well beyond the shores of Australia.' — Li Wei, Chair of Applied Linguistics, University College London