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Multimedia Computing, Communication and Intelligence

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Binary Neural Networks Algorithms, Architectures, and Applications

Binary Neural Networks: Algorithms, Architectures, and Applications

1st Edition

By Baochang Zhang, Sheng Xu, Mingbao Lin, Tiancheng Wang, David Doermann
December 13, 2023

Deep learning has achieved impressive results in image classification, computer vision, and natural language processing. To achieve better performance, deeper and wider networks have been designed, which increase the demand for computational resources. The number of floatingpoint operations (FLOPs)...

Uncoded Multimedia Transmission

Uncoded Multimedia Transmission

1st Edition

By Feng Wu, Chong Luo, Hancheng Lu
July 24, 2023

An uncoded multimedia transmission (UMT) system is one that skips quantization and entropy coding in compression and all subsequent binary operations, including channel coding and bit-to-symbol mapping of modulation. By directly transmitting non-binary symbols with amplitude modulation, the uncoded...

Effective Surveillance for Homeland Security Balancing Technology and Social Issues

Effective Surveillance for Homeland Security: Balancing Technology and Social Issues

1st Edition

Edited By Francesco Flammini, Roberto Setola, Giorgio Franceschetti
November 16, 2016

Effective Surveillance for Homeland Security: Balancing Technology and Social Issues provides a comprehensive survey of state-of-the-art methods and tools for the surveillance and protection of citizens and critical infrastructures against natural and deliberate threats. Focusing on current ...

Advances in Visual Data Compression and Communication Meeting the Requirements of New Applications

Advances in Visual Data Compression and Communication: Meeting the Requirements of New Applications

1st Edition

By Feng Wu
July 25, 2014

Visual information is one of the richest and most bandwidth-consuming modes of communication. To meet the requirements of emerging applications, powerful data compression and transmission techniques are required to achieve highly efficient communication, even in the presence of growing ...

TV Content Analysis Techniques and Applications

TV Content Analysis: Techniques and Applications

1st Edition

Edited By Yiannis Kompatsiaris, Bernard Merialdo, Shiguo Lian
March 19, 2012

The rapid advancement of digital multimedia technologies has not only revolutionized the production and distribution of audiovisual content, but also created the need to efficiently analyze TV programs to enable applications for content managers and consumers. Leaving no stone unturned, TV Content ...

Music Emotion Recognition

Music Emotion Recognition

1st Edition

By Yi-Hsuan Yang, Homer H. Chen
February 22, 2011

Providing a complete review of existing work in music emotion developed in psychology and engineering, Music Emotion Recognition explains how to account for the subjective nature of emotion perception in the development of automatic music emotion recognition (MER) systems. Among the first ...

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