1st Edition

Multimedia and Regional Economic Restructuring

    Since the explosion of multimedia, the creation and promotion of multimedia clusters has become a target for regional development strategies across the globe. This work offers the first inter-regional comparison of the multimedia industry.
    Analysing thirteen American, European and Asian regions, leading academics examine factors which drive the emergence of multimedia clusters and processes by which they are formed,

    1. Introduction Hans-Joachim Braczyk, Gerard Fuchs and Hans-Georg Wolf 2. Becoming digital: sources of localization in the Bay Area multimedia cluster Edmund A. Egan and Annalee Saxenian 3. Patterns of employment in Southern California's multimedia and digital visual effects industry: the form and logic of an emerging local labour market Allen J. Scott 4. Multimedia networks, globalization and strategies of innovation: the case of Silicon Alley Wolf Heydebrand 5. Content and economics in the multimedia industry: the case of New York's Silicon Alley John V. Pavlik 6. The digital regional economy: emergence and evolution of Toronto's multimedia cluster Shauna G. Brail and Meric S. Gertler 7. Between regional networking and lonesome riding: different patterns of regional embeddedness of new media sectors in North Rhine-Westphalia Josef Hilbert, Jürgen Nordhause-Janz and Dieter Rehfeld 8. Multimedia: profilling and regional restructuring of Munich as an industrial location Detlev Sträter 9. Multimedia and uneven urban and regional development: the Internet industry in the Netherlands Richard Naylor 10. The South-East England high-tech corridor: not quite Silicon Valley yet Puay Tang 11. The multimedia industry in Sweden and the emerging Stockholm cluster Åke Sandberg 12. Creating a multimedia cluster in Cardiff Bay Philip Cooke and Gwawr Hughes 13. From purposiveness to sustainability in the formation of multimedia clusters: governance and constituency building in Scotland Tony Kinder and Alfonso Molina 14. Stuttgart: from the 'car city' to the 'net city' Gerhard Fuchs and Hans-Georg Wolf 15. From smoke-stack industries to information society: multimedia industry in the Tampere region Gerd Schienstock, Henrik Räsänen and Mike Kautonen 16. New media policies and regional development in Japan Rolf Sternberg 17. Multimedia and industrial restructuring in Singapore Hing Ai Yun 18. Conclusion: diversity and uniformity in the development of multimedia production Hans-Joachim Braczyk, Gerhard Fuchs and Hans Georg Wolf Index


    Braczyk, Hans-Joachim; Fuchs, Gerhard; Wolf, Hans-Georg

    '...a valuable collection of papers.' - Thorsten Hulsmann, Regional Studies, Vol. 35.1, pp. 87-90, 2001

    'This edited volume is...a timely constribution to the debate around the information society and regional development.' - David Gibbs, Department of Geography, University of Hull