1st Edition

Multinationals, Governments and International Technology Transfer (RLE International Business)

Edited By Edward Safarian, Gilles Bertin Copyright 1990
    258 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book examines the international technology transfer process and the role of both multinationals and host-country governments in that process, with emphasis on the experience of the more developed countries. It explores a range of issues and presents much original thinking and research findings. It discusses in particular the strategies of the multinationals, assessing how far they are willing to accept technology transfer to external partners (as opposed to subsidiaries which they can control). It also examines how far technical transfers are successful from the viewpoint of the firm and countries involved, arguing that governments are most likely to succeed in attracting multinational transfers if they are aware of and accommodate to some degree multinationals’ preferences.

    List of Figures and Tables. Notes on Contributors. Preface. 1. An Interpretive Summary A E Safarian. Part 1: Technology Transfers and the Multinational Enterprise. 2. Multinational Enteprises, International Investments and Transfers of Technology: the Elements of an Integrated Approach Jean-Louis Mucchielli 3. Trends in Technological Competitiveness within the OECD, 1970-80 Bernadette Madeuf. 4. International Knowledge Transfers and Competitiveness: Canada as a Case Study D C MacCharles. Part 2: Multinational Enterprise Strategies and National Policies 5. Contractual Agreements and International Technology Transfers: The Empirical Studies Bernard Bonin. 6. Multinational Enterprises: Transfer Partners and Transfer Policies Gilles Y Bertin. 7. The Development of Technology in MNEs: A Cross-Country and Industry Study Hamid Etemad and Louise Séguin Dulude. 8. Canadian Foreign Direct Investment Alan M Rugman. 9. The Timing, Mode and Terms of Technology Transfer: Some Recent Findings D G McFetridge. Part 3: Industry Studies. 10. The Protection of Intellectual Property: Pharmaceutical Products in Canada H C Eastman. 11. International Investment, Protection and Technical Transfer: A Preliminary Examination of the Franco-Japanese Case Patrick A Messerlin. 12. Techology Transfers in the Automotive Equipment Industry: the French Case Daniel Soulié. 13. The Japanese Productivity Advantage in Automobile Production: Can it be Transferred to North America? Melvyn Fuss and Leonard Waverman. Bibliography. Indices.


    A. E. Safarian (Author) , Gilles Y. Bertin (Author)