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    The Multiphase Flow Handbook, Second Edition is a thoroughly updated and reorganized revision of the late Clayton Crowe’s work, and provides a detailed look at the basic concepts and the wide range of applications in this important area of thermal/fluids engineering. Revised by the new editors, Efstathios E. (Stathis) Michaelides and John D. Schwarzkopf, the new Second Edition begins with two chapters covering fundamental concepts and methods that pertain to all the types and applications of multiphase flow. The remaining chapters cover the applications and engineering systems that are relevant to all the types of multiphase flow and heat transfer. The twenty-one chapters and several sections of the book include the basic science as well as the contemporary engineering and technological applications of multiphase flow in a comprehensive way that is easy to follow and be understood. The editors created a common set of nomenclature that is used throughout the book, allowing readers to easily compare fundamental theory with currently developing concepts and applications. With contributed chapters from sixty-two leading experts around the world, the Multiphase Flow Handbook, Second Edition is an essential reference for all researchers, academics and engineers working with complex thermal and fluid systems.

    Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow

    E. E. Michaelides and Z.-G. Feng

    Computational Methods

    Overview of Numerical Approaches

    E. Loth

    Direct Numerical Simulations

    G. Tryggvason

    The Lattice Boltzmann Method

    C. Aidun, T. Rosen, F. Lundell

    The Immersed Boundary Method

    E.E. Michaelides, Z.-G. Feng

    PDF Models

    M. Reeks, O. Simonin, P. Fede

    Euler/Lagrange methods

    M. Sommerfeld, S. Lain

    The Two-Fluid Model in MFIX

    M. Syamlal, J. Musser, J.-F. Dietiker

    Uncertainty Quantification

    M. Syamlal, J. Musser, J.-F. Dietiker

    Gas-Liquid Flow in Ducts

    A. Ghajar, S. M. Bhagwat

    Fluid-Solid Flow in Ducts

    Slurry Flows

    S. Hu, S. Dhodapkar, K. Jacobs

    Compressible Multiphase Flow

    J. Schwarzkopf S. Balachandar, W. Buttler

    Combustion with Particles and Drops

    F. Mashayer, F.A.Jaberi

    Microgravity Two-Phase Flow

    K. S. Gabriel


    Satish G.Kandlikar


    J. Chung, Chen, T.

    Powder and Granular Flow

    F. Yang, G.L. Lee

    Multiphase Flow in Porous Media

    J. Fanchi, John P. Seidle

    Turbulence Interactions

    J. Eaton, E. Longmire

    Bubble Dynamics and Cavitation

    Bubble Dynamics

    Y. Matsumoto, K. Sugiyama


    S. Ceccio

    Aggregation, Collisions and Break-up

    Particle Interactions and Collisions

    Y. Tsuji

    Droplet Break-up, Coalescence and Wall Impact

    C. Tropea, I. Roisman

    Particle Separation Methods and Systems

    C. Kanaoka, H. Yoshida, H. Makino, N. Noda, K. Fukui

    Biological Systems and Bio-mimetics

    Air Flow and Particle Deposition in the Upper Respiratory Airways

    G. Ahmadi, O. Abouali

    Blood Flow

    S. Takagi

    Biomimetics and Bio-inspiration

    Y. Hagiwara

    Fluidized Bed Reactors

    Hydrodynamics of Fluidization

    J. Grace

    Heat and Mass Transfer

    B. Leckner

    Applications of Fluidized Bed Reactors

    Y. Cheng, J. Zhu


    E.E. Michaelides, Y. Ding


    U. Fritching, X.-G. Li


    U. Fritsching, X.-G. Li


    Y. Drossinos, C. Housiadas

    Dispersed Flow in Non-Newtonian Fluids

    R. Chhabra


    Efstathios E. (Stathis) Michaelides, PhD, is currently the Tex Moncrief Chair of Engineering at Texas Christian University (TCU). Prior to this he held professorial and several administrative positions in four Universities. He is recognized as a leading scholar in the areas of multiphase flows and energy conversion, where he also authored four monographs. He has published more than 140 journal papers and has contributed more than 230 scientific papers in national and international conferences. Among his achievements is the extension of the Immersed Boundary numerical method for particulate flows and heat transfer (with Professor Z.G. Feng). He chaired the 4th International Conference on Multiphase Flows (New Orleans May 27 to June 1, 2001). He was awarded an honorary M.A. degree from Oxford University (1983); the ASEE Centennial Award for Exceptional Contributions to the Profession of Engineering (1993). The Lee H. Johnson award for Teaching Excellence (1995); the Senior Fulbright Fellowship (1997); the ASME Freeman Scholar award (2002); the Outstanding Researcher award at Tulane University (2003); the ASME Outstanding Service award (2007); the ASME Fluids Engineering award (2014); and the ASME-FED 90th Anniversary Medal.

    Clayton T. Crowe was a professor of mechanical and materials engineering at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. He is recognized as a leading scholar and author in fluid mechanics, and in particular, the area of multiphase flows. Among his achievements was the development of the particle-source-in-cell (PSI-Cell) method for the numerical simulation of multiphase flow that has been used extensively in industry, and in commercial simulation software. He was the author of numerous technical articles, and of Engineering Fluid Mechanics, a widely-used college textbook now in its eleventh edition. His other publications include Multiphase Flows with Droplets and Particles, Second Edition (CRC Press, 2012), and Multiphase Flow Handbook, First Edition (CRC Press, 2005). He received many honors for his work, including ASME Fellow, the ASME Fluids Engineering Award, and the Senior International Prize for Multiphase Flows. Dr. Crowe passed away in 2012.

    John D. Schwarzkopf is a staff scientist within the Theoretical Design division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has had over 10 years of experience in applications of multiphase flows and computational code development. His work contributed to two patents and several technical articles on the topic of multiphase and multicomponent flow applied to electronics cooling, atomization and turbulence modeling. He is also a co-author of the book Multiphase Flows with Droplets and Particles, Second Edition (CRC Press, 2012).

    "The second edition of the Multiphase Flow Handbook represents a comprehensive and thorough treatment of the field of multiphase fluid mechanics – from fundamentals to applications – written by top experts in the field. It is an indispensable resource for student and researcher alike."
    — Michael L. Calvisi, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, USA