1st Edition

Multiple Comparisons, Selection and Applications in Biometry

By Fred. M. Hoppe Copyright 1992
    580 Pages
    by CRC Press

    576 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Aims to provide in-depth descriptions of the latest developments in multiple comparison methods and selection procedures, while emphasizing biometry. This text is published in honour of the 70th birthday of Charles W. Dunnett - a pioneer in statistical methodology.

    Preface -- Contributors -- 1 A Conversation with Charles W. Dunnett -- 2 Whither Biometry? /David J. Finney -- PART A MULTIPLE COMPARISONS -- 3 Probability Inequalities and Dunnett's Test /Eugene Seneta -- 4 Multiple Comparisons in Split Block and Split-Split Plot Designs /Walter T. Federer and Charles E. McCulloch -- 5 Multiple Comparisons with a Control in Response Surface Methodology: The Problem, Examples, and Relative Efficiency Results /Don Edwards and Ping Sa -- 6 One-Sided Multiple Comparisons of Response Rates with a Control /David R. Bristol -- 7 Distribution-Free and Asymptotically Distribution-Free Comparisons with a Control in Blocked Experiments /John D. Spurrier -- 8 Plackett's Identity, Its Generalizations, and Their Uses /Satish Iyengar -- 9 Some Minimax Test Procedures for Comparing Several Normal Means /Anthony J. Hayter and Wei Liu -- 10 Approximate Simultaneous Confidence Intervals /Joseph Glaz -- 11 Stepwise Multiple Comparisons of Repeated Measures Means Under Violations of Multisample Sphericity /H.J. Keselman -- 12 Where Should Multiple Comparisons Go Next? /John W. Tukey -- PARTB SELECTION -- 13 Performances of Selection Procedures for 2-Factor Additive Normal Populations with Common Known Variance /Robert E. Bechhofer, David Goldsman, and Mark Hartmann -- 14 Multi-Factor Extensions of Paulson's Procedures for Selecting the Best Normal Population /Mark Hartmann -- 15 The Least Favorable Configuration of a Two-Stage Procedure for Selecting the Largest Normal Mean /Thomas J. Santner and Anthony J. Hayter -- 16 A Bayesian Approach to Comparing Treatments with a Control /Ajit C. Tamhane and G. V.S. Gopal -- 17 Nonlinear Renewal Theory and Beyond: Reviewing the Roles in Selection and Ranking /Nitis Mukhopadhyay -- 18 One-Sided Sequential Tests to Establish Equivalence Between Treatments with Special Reference to Normal and Binary Responses /Christopher Jennison and Bruce W. Turnbull -- 19 Subset Selection Procedures for Binomial Models Based on a Class of Priors and Some Applications /Shanti S. Gupta and Yuning Liao -- 20 A Two-Stage Procedure for Selecting the 8* -Optimal Guaranteed Lifetimes in the Two-Parameter Exponential Model /TaChen Liang and S. Panchapakesan -- 21 A Note on Selection Procedures and Selection Constants /Stefan Driessen -- 22 Sharpening Subset Selection of Treatments Better than a Control /Manfred Horn and Rudiger Vollandt -- PARTC BIOMETRY AND DESIGN -- 23 Interim Analyses in Clinical Trials /Peter Armitage -- 24 A New Procedure for Assessing Acute Oral Toxicity /Robert N. Curnow and Anne Whitehead -- 25 Estimating Risks of Progression to AIDS Using Serially Measured Immunologic Markers /Janet M. Raboud, Randall A. Coates, and Vern T. Farewell -- 26 Some Statistical Methods for Followup Studies of Disease with Intermittent Monitoring /Jerry F. Lawless and Ping Yan -- 27 Exact Solutions to the Behrens-Fisher Problem /Baldeo K. Taneja and Edward J. Dudewicz -- 28 An Easy Way to Use Dunnett t with SAS Least Squares Means /Spencer M. Free Jr. -- 29 Future Directions for National Health Information Systems /David F. Bray and Robert Lussier -- 30 Concomitants of Order Statistics: Review and Recent Developments /H.A. David -- 31 Residual Plots for Minimal Resolution IV Designs /Peter W.M. John -- 32 An Optimal Stopping Rule for Multinomial Inverse Sampling Problems /Milton Sobel and Pinyuen Chen -- Publications of Charles W. Dunnett -- Index.


    Fred M. Hoppe McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada