1st Edition

Multiple Model Approaches To Nonlinear Modelling And Control

Edited By R Murray-Smith, T. Johansen Copyright 1997

    This work presents approaches to modelling and control problems arising from conditions of ever increasing nonlinearity and complexity. It prescribes an approach that covers a wide range of methods being combined to provide multiple model solutions. Many component methods are described, as well as discussion of the strategies available for building a successful multiple model approach.

    1. Basic Principles: The Operating Regime Approach 2. Modelling: Fuzzy Set Methods for Local Modelling Identification 3. Modelling of Electrically Stimulated Muscle 4. Process Modelling Using a Functional State Approach 5. Markov Mixtures of Experts 6. Active Learning With Mixture Models 7. Local Learning in Local Model Networks 8. Side Effects of Normalising Basic Functions 9. Control: Heterogeneous Control Laws 10. Local Laguerre Models 11. Multiple Model Adaptive Control 12. H Control Using Multiple Linear Models 13. Synthesis of Fuzzy Control Systems Based on Linear Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Models


    R Murray-Smith (Edited by) , T. Johansen (Edited by)