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Multispecies Encounters

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Multispecies Encounters provides an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion, development and dissemination of research focused on encounters between members of different species. Re-evaluating our human relationships with other-than-human beings through an interrogation of the ’myth of human exceptionalism’ which has structured (and limited) social thought for so long, the series presents work including multi-species ethnography, animal geographies and more-than-human approaches to research, in order not only better to understand the human condition, but also to situate us holistically, as human animals, within the global ecosystems we share with countless other living beings. As such, the series expresses a commitment to the importance of giving balanced consideration to the experiences of all social actors involved in any given social interaction, with work advancing our theoretical knowledge and understanding of multi-species encounters and, where possible, exploring analytical frameworks which include ways or kinds of ’being’ other than the human.

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Totemism and Human–Animal Relations in West Africa

Totemism and Human–Animal Relations in West Africa

1st Edition


By Sharon Merz
March 30, 2021

This book explores human-animal relations amongst the Bebelibe of West Africa, with a focus on the establishment of totemic relationships with animals, what these relationships entail and the consequences of abusing them. Employing and developing the concepts of ‘presencing’ and ‘the ontological ...

Living-With Wisdom Permaculture and Symbiotic Ethics

Living-With Wisdom: Permaculture and Symbiotic Ethics

1st Edition


By Alexander Badman-King
February 25, 2021

Living-With Wisdom explores the way in which ancient Greek models of philosophy as an attempt to live ‘the good life’ can and should be realised through the practice of permaculture. Following the thought of Plato and Aristotle, the author places the achievement of wisdom and fulfilment at the ...

Blogging Wildlife The Perception of Animals by Hikers on the Appalachian Trail

Blogging Wildlife: The Perception of Animals by Hikers on the Appalachian Trail

1st Edition


By Kate Marx
December 31, 2020

This volume reports on the encounters between hikers and wildlife on the Appalachian Trail. Based on narratives provided by trail hikers, it explores the ways in which humans relate to the animals with whom they temporarily share a home. With attention to the themes of pilgrimage, the changing ...

Human-Canine Collaboration in Care Doing Diabetes

Human-Canine Collaboration in Care: Doing Diabetes

1st Edition

By Fenella Eason
October 18, 2019

Adopting an anthrozoological perspective to study the participation of non-human animals in regimes of care, this book examines the use of canine scent detection to alert 'hypo-unaware' individuals to symptoms of human chronic illness. Based on ethnographic research and interviews, it focuses on ...

Animal Places Lively Cartographies of Human-Animal Relations

Animal Places: Lively Cartographies of Human-Animal Relations

1st Edition

Edited By Jacob Bull, Tora Holmberg, Cecilia Åsberg
April 15, 2019

Nonhuman animals are ubiquitous to our ‘human’ societies. Interdisciplinary human/animal research has - for 50 years - drawn attention to how animals are ever-present in what we think of as human spaces and cultures. Our societies are built with animals and through all kinds of multispecies ...

Anthropology and Cryptozoology Exploring Encounters with Mysterious Creatures

Anthropology and Cryptozoology: Exploring Encounters with Mysterious Creatures

1st Edition

Edited By Samantha Hurn
November 14, 2016

Cryptozoology is best understood as the study of animals which, in the eyes of Western science, are extinct, unclassified or unrecognised. In consequence, and in part because of its selective methods and lack of epistemological rigour, cryptozoology is often dismissed as a pseudo-science. However, ...

Humans, Animals and Biopolitics The more-than-human condition

Humans, Animals and Biopolitics: The more-than-human condition

1st Edition

Edited By Kristin Asdal, Tone Druglitro, Steve Hinchliffe
June 27, 2016

Human-animal co-existence is central to a politics of life, how we order societies, and to debates about who ’we’ humans think ’we’ are. In other words, our ways of understanding and ordering human-animal relations have economic and political implications and affect peoples’ everyday lives. By ...

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