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Multivariate Applications Series

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This series of books offers highly accessible and widely applicable methodological topics that have broad appeal and are written in easy-to understand language. Sponsored by the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology, it welcomes methodological applications from a variety of disciplines, such as psychology, public health, sociology, education, and business. Authored or edited volumes should feature one of several approaches:

  1. the application of a variety of multivariate methods to a single, major area of research;
  2. a methodological procedure or framework that could be applied to a variety of research areas; or
  3. a variety of perspectives on a controversial topic of interest to applied researchers.

Interested persons should e-mail: Lisa L. Harlow at [email protected].

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Applied Data Analytic Techniques For Turning Points Research

Applied Data Analytic Techniques For Turning Points Research

1st Edition

Edited By Patricia Cohen
March 26, 2008

This innovative volume demonstrates the use of a range of statistical approaches that examine "turning points" (a change in direction, magnitude, or meaning) in real data. Analytic techniques are illustrated with real longitudinal data from a variety of fields. As such the book will appeal to a ...

Handbook of Ethics in Quantitative Methodology

Handbook of Ethics in Quantitative Methodology

1st Edition

Edited By A. T. Panter
January 14, 2011

This comprehensive Handbook is the first to provide a practical, interdisciplinary review of ethical issues as they relate to quantitative methodology including how to present evidence for reliability and validity, what comprises an adequate tested population, and what constitutes scientific ...

Cognitive Assessment An Introduction to the Rule Space Method

Cognitive Assessment: An Introduction to the Rule Space Method

1st Edition

By Kikumi K. Tatsuoka
May 22, 2009

This book introduces a new methodology for the analysis of test results. Free from ambiguous interpretations, the results truly demonstrate an individual’s progress. The methodology is ideal for highlighting patterns derived from test scores used in evaluating progress. Dr. Tatsuoka introduces ...

Introduction to Statistical Mediation Analysis

Introduction to Statistical Mediation Analysis

1st Edition

By David P. MacKinnon
January 17, 2008

This volume introduces the statistical, methodological, and conceptual aspects of mediation analysis. Applications from health, social, and developmental psychology, sociology, communication, exercise science, and epidemiology are emphasized throughout. Single-mediator, multilevel, and longitudinal...

Multilevel Modeling Methodological Advances, Issues, and Applications

Multilevel Modeling: Methodological Advances, Issues, and Applications

1st Edition

Edited By Steven P. Reise, Naihua Duan
December 01, 2003

This book illustrates the current work of leading multilevel modeling (MLM) researchers from around the world. The book's goal is to critically examine the real problems that occur when trying to use MLMs in applied research, such as power, experimental design, and model violations. This ...

Conducting Meta-Analysis Using SAS

Conducting Meta-Analysis Using SAS

1st Edition

By Winfred Arthur, Jr., Winston Bennett, Allen I. Huffcutt
June 01, 2001

Conducting Meta-Analysis Using SAS reviews the meta-analysis statistical procedure and shows the reader how to conduct one using SAS. It presents and illustrates the use of the PROC MEANS procedure in SAS to perform the data computations called for by the two most commonly used meta-analytic ...

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