1st Edition

Municipal Sewage Sludge Management A Reference Text on Processing, Utilization and Disposal, Second Edition, Volume IV

Edited By Cecil Lue-Hing Copyright 1998
    814 Pages
    by CRC Press


    This textbook explains and discusses many of the unit operations used for processing municipal sewage sludge. It also contains valuable information on the available methods for final disposition of this sludge. This textbook can be used for planning, designing, and implementing municipal sewage sludge management projects.

    Regulatory Issues: U.S. Policies, Laws and Regulations Impacting the Management of Municipal Sewage Sludge - The 40 CFR Part 503 Rulemaking Process - Pathogens and Vector Attraction Reduction Part 503 Regulation
    Chemical Constituents Present in Municipal Sewage Sludge: - Occurrence and Distribution of Pollutants in Sludge at POTWS - Pretreatment on Constituents Present in Sludge
    Microbiology of Sludge: - Microbial Content of Raw Sewage and Final Effluents - Microbial Content of Raw Sludges - Reduction of Microbial Content of Raw Sludge - Regrowth of Microorganisms in Disinfected and Pasteurized Sludges - Microbial Content of Soils - Microbial Content of Sludge Amended Soils - Microbial Movement to Groundwater and Surface Water from Sludge Amended Soils - Health Implications - Sampling Methodology and Protocols for the Estimation of Pathogens and Indicator Organisms in Sludge
    Sources and Control of Odor Emissions from Sludge Processing and Treatment: - Sources of Odor - Odor Control - Minimizing Sludge Related Odors - Measurement of Odors - Odor Control Systems
    Sludge Processing Technology: - Lime Stabilization Processes in Wastewater Sludge Processing and Disposal - Sludge Conditioning - Composting - Lagooning of Sludge - Agitation Drying of Sludge -
    Municipal Sewage Sludge Management at Dedicated Sites and Landfills: - Design and Operation - Utilization of Municipal Sewage Sludge as Daily and Final Cover for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills - Groundwater Transport Mathematical Models
    Incineration of Municipal Sewage Sludge: - Feasibility and Relative Cost of Retrofitting Incinerators for Regulatory Compliance - Beneficial Use of Ash
    Sludge Application to Dedicated Beneficial Use Sites: - Choosing, Designing, and Preparing Dedicated Sites
    Application of Municipal Sewage Sludge to Soil Reclamation Sites: - Detailed Site Investigation - Site Preparation - Monitoring Requirements - Sludge Handling and Application Methods - Application Quantities - Reclamation Site Responses
    Production and Distribution of Municipal Sewage Sludge Plants: - Brand Name Municipal Sewage Sludge Product - N-Viro Soil - BioGro Systems' Sludge Treatment Technologies - In-Vessel Composting
    Public Policy: The Problem of Public Relations and Acceptance: - Plans for Success - Implementing the Plan - Let Opposition Live - Address the "Swing Vote" - Develop an Action Plan - Identify a Spokesperson - Communications as an Obligation
    Worldwide Sludge Management Practices: - Western Europe - Japan - New Zealand - The Canadian Approach for Limiting Metals on Land from Municipal Sludges


    Cecil Lue-Hing