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Museum Making

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The Museum Making series critically explores the past, present and futures of exhibition design and of museum making more broadly.

The series fosters a deeper understanding of the conceptual frameworks, processes and actions that drive museum making as well as the role of designed forms in the shaping of visitor experiences and of society. The series generates greater critical debate around the part played by the physical forms and processes of cultural institutions in, for example, the ongoing production of inequality, and explores how museums can harness design and processes of making to fulfil their social roles and public responsibility to foster an inclusive civic society.

Taking place at the intersection of museum studies, design and related disciplines, the series includes authored books and edited volumes from around the world and from a diverse range of authors and perspectives. It prioritises research on the nature, realities and expanded forms of museum and exhibition making, exploring the ethical and social implications of museum practice.

Titles in the Museum Making series will be of interest to staff and students on postgraduate courses in museum studies, gallery studies, heritage studies and arts management, who are interested in learning more about design as a resource. The series will also be of direct relevance to design and architecture academics and students, as well as museum, design, architecture and arts professionals.

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Histories of Exhibition Design in the Museum Makers, Process, and Practice

Histories of Exhibition Design in the Museum: Makers, Process, and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Kate Guy, Hajra Williams, Claire Wintle
November 30, 2023

Histories of Exhibition Design in the Museum: Makers, Process, and Practice offers a new model for understanding exhibition design in museums as a human and material process. It presents diverse case studies from around the world, from the nineteenth century to the recent past. It moves beyond the ...

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