1st Edition

Museums and Technologies of Presence

Edited By Maria Shehade, Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert Copyright 2024
    306 Pages 35 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In view of the ever-increasing use of interactive and emerging technologies in museum spaces, Museums and Technologies of Presence rethinks the role of such technologies as potential facilitators of presence and as vehicles for offering new, immersive, and embodied visitor experiences.

    This edited collection presents theoretical approaches and case studies that explore how presence can be experienced in museum spaces and what role technology can play in visitor experiences. It considers the theoretical underpinnings of the concept ‘presence’ for museum spaces, offering a critical examination of how immersive and other emerging technologies can affect, diminish or enhance our sense of presence and embodiment. Through an international range of case studies and innovative projects, this volume considers emerging technologies – including virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive (multisensory) installations, and AI – alongside different aspects of presence, including immersion, embodiment, empathy, emotion, engagement, and affect.

    Taking an interdisciplinary approach, Museums and Technologies of Presence will be beneficial to those researching or studying in the fields of Museum Studies, Digital Humanities, Computer Science, Information Science, and Digital Media. It will also be useful to museologists, curators, and artists who are interested in developing immersive experiences, experimental new media, and immersive aesthetics.


    Maria Shehade and Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert


     Chapter 1

    Presence, Museums and Immersive Technologies: An interdisciplinary exploration

    Maria Shehade and Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert


     Part I: Presence as Immersion, Embodiment, and Multisensory Experiences


    Chapter 2

    Simulated, Stimulated, and Emulated Presence in 3D Digital Museums

    Kostas Arvanitis and Enrika Pavlovskyte


    Chapter 3

    Presence in immersive museum exhibitions: the role of agency, body-ownership and awareness

    Ana Luisa Sánchez Laws and Kamilla Bergsnev


    Chapter 4

    Designing Cultural Experiences within Technosocial Systems

    Vince Dziekan, Jon McCormack, Lucija Ivšić, Oscar Raby and Nina Rajcic


    Chapter 5

    Multisensory Visitor Engagement: an Analysis of Three Case Studies

    Ekavi Whitlock Blundell


    Chapter 6

    Reconfiguring the Viewer: Modes of Perception and Attention in Immersive Museum Experience

    Stéphanie Bertrand and Chris Salter


     Part II: Affective Presence and Absence

     Chapter 7

    Affective Presence through 3D Printing: Some Considerations on Materiality, Temporality and Technological Modes of Production

    Anne Ogundipe


    Chapter 8

    Technology and presence in a museum of trauma: Therapeutic effects of making danger real

    Arnar Árnason and Sigurjón Baldur Hafsteinsson


    Chapter 9

    Breathe: Bridging the personal and the planetary through augmented-reality experiences

    Diego Galafassi


    Chapter 10

    Museums and the Power of Absence: Agrippa (A Book of the Dead)

    Jen A. Walklate


    Part III: Spatio-temporal Presence


    Chapter 11

    Digital sensory experiences in museums. Does space matter?

    Kali Tzortzi and Ava Fatah gen. Schieck


    Chapter 12

    Museological presence through deep mapping: the Atlas of Maritime Buddhism

    Sarah Kenderdine, Lily Hibberd and Jeffrey Shaw


    Chapter 13

    Interwoven Spaces with XR, AI and Robots: Merging Realities in Space and Time

    Louis Nisiotis, Aimilios Hadjiliasi, Floris Alexandrou and Lyuba Alboul


    Chapter 14

    (Co)-Presence with the Past Using Emerging Technologies in Contemporary Art: Institutional Critique Re-envisioned 

    Elena Stylianou and Artemis Eleftheriadou


    Maria Shehade is a Senior Research Associate at the Museum Lab of the CYENS Centre of Excellence and an Adjunct Lecturer at the Cyprus University of Technology, with an interest in museum studies, cultural heritage management and policy, and cultural diplomacy. She is the co-author of Greek Cultural Diplomacy: Current Approaches – Future Challenges (2021).


    Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert is a researcher and artist with an interest in museum studies, photography, visual sociology, and new technologies. She is an Associate Professor at the Cyprus University of Technology and the leader of the 'Museum Lab' at CYENS Centre of Excellence. She is the editor of Museums and Emerging Technologies: Mediating Difficult Heritage (2022) and the author of The Political Museum (2016).