Music and Musicians in Renaissance Rome and Other Courts  book cover
1st Edition

Music and Musicians in Renaissance Rome and Other Courts

ISBN 9780429432590
Published June 3, 2019 by Routledge
338 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1999, the essays that follow have been selected from the author’s writings to explore musical institutions in 15th and 16th century Italy with a detailed focus on the papal choir, but with additional comments on Mantua (Mantova), Florence and France. Much of the material which formed the basis of those essays was largely drawn from archives. Richard Sherr explores diverse areas including the Medici coat of arms in a motet for Leo X, performance practice in the papal chapel during the 16th century, the publications of Guglielmo Gonzaga, Lorenzo de’ Medici as a patron of music and homosexuality in late sixteenth-century Italy.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Musicians, Music, and Performance Practice at the Papal Court. 1. Notes on Some Papal Documents in Paris. Stdi Musicali 12. Florence, 1983. 2. A Note on the Biography of Juan del Encina. Bulletin of the Comediantes 34. Los Angeles, 1982. 3. New Archival Data Cocnerning the Chapel of Clement VII. Journal of the American Musicological Society 29, Philadelphia, 1976. 4. From the Diary of a 16th-Century Papal Singer. Current Musicology 25. New York, 1978. 5. A Letter from Paolo Animuccia: A Composer’s Response to the Council of Trent. Early Music 12. Oxford, 1984. 6. Notes on the Biography and Music of Bertrandus Vaqueras (ca. 1450-1507). Studien zur Musikgeschichte: Eine Festschrift Für Ludwig Finscher, ed. Annegrit Laubenthal. Kassel, 1995. 7. The Relationship Between a Vatican Source of the Gloria of Josquin’s Missa de Beata Virgine and Petrucci’s Print. Atti del XIV Congresso della Società Internazionale di Musicologia, ed. Angelo Pompilio et al.Bologna, 1990. 8. Illibata dei Virgo Nutrix and Josquin’s Roman Style. Journal of American Musicological Society 41. Philadelphia, 1987. 9. The Medici Coat of Arms in a Motet for Leo X. Early Music 15. Oxford 1987. 10. Ceremonies for Holy Week, Papal Commissions, and Madness (?) in Early Sixteenth-Century Rome. Music in Renaissance Cities and Courts: Studies in Honor of Lewis Lockwood, ed. Jesse Ann Owens and Anthony M. Cummings, Detoit Monographs in Musicology/Studies in Music 18. Warren, 1997. 11. The Singers of the Papal Chapel and Liturgical Ceremonies in the Early Sixteenth Century: Some Documentary Evidence. Rome in the Renaissance, the City and the Myth, ed. P.A. Ramsey. Binghamton, 1982. 12. Speculations on Repertory, Performance Practice, and Ceremony ni the Papel Chapel in the Early Sixteenth Century. Studien zur Geschichte der Päpstlichen Kapelle: Tagungsbericht Heidelberg 1989, Cappellae Apostolicae Sixtinaeque Collectanea Acta Monumenta, Collectanea II, ed. Bernhard Janz. Vatican City, 1994. 13. Performance Practice in the Papal Chapel during the 16th Century. Early Music 15. Oxford, 1987. 14. Competence and Incompetence in the Papal Choir in the Age of Palestrina. Early Music 22. Oxford, 1994. Part 2. Archival Studies: Other Renaissance Courts and Cities. 15. Mecenatismo Musicale a Mantova: Le Nozze di Vicenzo Gonzaga e Margherita Farnese. Rivista Italiana di Musicologia 19. Florence, 1984. 16. Gugliemo Gonzaga and the Castrati. Renaissance Quarterly 33. New York, 1980. 17. The Publications of Gugliemo Gonzaga. Journal of the American Musicological Society 31. Philadelphia, 1978. 18. Lorenzo de’ Medici, Duke of Urbino, as a Patron of Music. Renaissance Studies in Honour of Craig Hugh Smyth, ed. Piero Morselli et al. Florence, 1985. 19. Verdelot in Florence, Coppini in Rome, and the Singer ‘La Fiore’. Journal of the American Musicological Society 37. Philadelphia, 1984. 20. The Membership of the Chapels of Louis XII and Anne de Bretagne in the Years Preceding their Deaths. The Journal of Musicology 6. Los Angeles, 1988. 21. A Canon, a Choirboy, and Homosexuality in Late Sixteenth-Century Italy: A Case Study. Journal of Homosexuality 21. Binghamton, 1991.

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