1st Edition

Music in Crime, Resistance, and Identity

Edited By Eleanor Peters Copyright 2023

    This book considers the intersection of music, politics and identity, focusing on music (genres) across the world as a form of political expression and protest, positive identity formations, and also how the criminalisation, censuring, policing and prosecution of musicians and fans can occur.

    All-encompassing in this book is analyses of the unique contribution of music to various aspects of human activity through an international, multi-disciplinary approach. The book will serve as a starting point for scholars in those areas where there has been an uncertain approach to this subject, while those from disciplines with a more established canon of music analysis will be informed about what each perspective can offer. The approach is international and multi-disciplinary, with the contributing authors focusing on a range of countries and the differing social and cultural impact of music for both musicians and fans. Academic disciplines can provide some explanations, but the importance of the contribution of practitioners is vital for a fully rounded understanding of the impact of music. Therefore, this book takes the reader on a journey, beginning with theoretical and philosophical perspectives on music and society, proceeding to an analysis of laws and policies, and concluding with the use of music by educational practitioners and the people with whom they work.

    This book will appeal to students and scholars in subjects such as sociology, criminology, cultural studies, and across the wider social sciences. It will also be of interest to practitioners in youth justice or those with other involvement in the criminal justice system.

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Eleanor Peters

    Chapter 2: Revolutionary Music and American Protests: Four Dead in Ohio

    Andrew R. Wilczak

    Chapter 3: The Norwegian Black Metal Second Wave: A Space for Performative Politics

    Kevin Hoffin

    Chapter 4: Musical Experience as Penumbra, Haecceity & Utopian Fractal

    Musica Penumbra and Craig Hammond

    Chapter 5: Indonesian Death Metal Music and Alleged or Apparent Criminality: Policing Death

    Kieran James

    Chapter 6: Decriminalising Rap Beat by Beat: Two Questions in Search of Answers

    Lambros Fatsis

    Chapter 7: Human Rights and Harms: Music

    Eleanor Peters

    Chapter 8: Music in the Collective Lives of Prisoners

    Chris Waller

    Chapter 9: The Benefits of Music Engagement Projects on Young People: A Music and Education Perspective

    Justin Boreland and Eleanor Peters


    Eleanor Peters is senior Lecturer in Criminology at Edge Hill University. She has a PhD from the University of Bristol. Her main research interests are in the areas of youth and family justice and the relationship between music and crime. She has published in a number of journals including the British Journal of Criminology, the International Journal of Social Research Methodology and the Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law. Her most recent book is The Use and Abuse of Music: Criminal Records published in 2019.