1st Edition

Music in Medieval Europe: 7-Volume Set

    3878 Pages
    by Routledge

    This series of seven volumes provides an overview of the best current scholarship in the study of medieval music. Each volume is edited by a ranking expert, and each presents a selection of writings, mostly in English which, taken together, sketch a picture of the shape of the field and of the nature of current inquiry. The volumes are organized in such a way that readers may go directly to an area that interests them, or they may provide themselves a substantial introduction to the wider field by reading through the entire volume. The editors introduce readers to an enormous swathe of musical history and style, and present the best of recent musical scholarship. Taken together, they will increase access to a rich body of music and provide scholars and students with an authoritative guide to the best of current thinking about the music of the middle ages.



    Thomas Kelly is Harvard College Professor and Morton B. Knafel Professor of Music, Harvard University, USA.

    'It would be hard to overestimate the value of the work presented in these collections...One can only admire Ashgate's initiative in publishing a seven- volume retrospective collection on medieval music' Medieval Review '...it is essential to acknowledge the importance of the major editorial publishing project Music in Medieval Europe in the context of current medieval music scholarship. This seven-volume series reprints many of the most important scholarly articles on major themes in medieval music published during the second half of the twentieth century.' Ars Lyrica Celtica '...the introductions to each volume are excellent...' Early Music Review '...Ashgate's and Kelly's admirable project.' Medieval Review