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2nd Edition

Music of Latin America and the Caribbean

By Mark Brill Copyright 2018
    ISBN 9781138053564
    480 Pages
    Published December 27, 2017 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138053557
    480 Pages
    Published December 21, 2017 by Routledge

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    Music of Latin America and the Caribbean, Second Edition is a comprehensive textbook for undergraduate students, which covers all major facets of Latin American music, finding a balance between important themes and illustrative examples. This book is about enjoying the music itself and provides a lively, challenging discussion complemented by stimulating musical examples couched in an appropriate cultural and historical context—the music is a specific response to the era from which it emerges, evolving from common roots to a wide variety of musical traditions. Music of Latin America and the Caribbean aims to develop an understanding of Latin American civilization and its relation to other cultures.

    NEW to this edition

    • A new chapter overviewing all seven Central American countries
    • An expansion of the chapter on the English- and French-speaking Caribbean
    • An added chapter on transnational genres
    • An end-of-book glossary featuring bolded terms within the text
    • A companion website with over 50 streamed or linked audio tracks keyed to Listening Examples found in the text, in addition to other student and instructors’ resources
    • Bibliographic suggestions at the end of each chapter, highlighting resources for further reading, listening, and viewing

    Organized along thematic, historical, and geographical lines, Music of Latin America and the Caribbean implores students to appreciate the unique and varied contributions of other cultures while realizing the ways non-Western cultures have influenced Western musical heritage. With focused discussions on genres and styles, musical instruments, important rituals, and the composers and performers responsible for its evolution, the author employs a broad view of Latin American music: every country in Latin America and the Caribbean shares a common history, and thus, a similar musical tradition.

    Foreword by Brenda M. Romero

    Chapter 1 Music of Latin America and the Caribbean: An Overview

    Chapter 2 The Classical Tradition

    Chapter 3 Mexico

    Chapter 4 Central America

    Chapter 5 The Caribbean: An Overview

    Chapter 6 The Spanish Caribbean

    Chapter 7 The English Caribbean

    Chapter 8 The French and Dutch Caribbean, and the Guyanas

    Chapter 9 Brazil

    Chapter 10 Colombia and Venezuela

    Chapter 11 The Andean Region

    Chapter 12 The Southern Cone Region

    Chapter 13 Transnational Genres: Nueva Canción and Latin American Rock


    Mark Brill is an associate professor of musicology and world music at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he specializes in the music of Mexico and Latin America.

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