1st Edition

Muslim Minorities and Social Cohesion Cultural Fragmentation in the West

Edited By Abe Ata Copyright 2020
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book examines various attempts in the ‘West’ to manage cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity – focusing on Muslim minorities in predominantly non-Muslim societies.

    An international panel of contributors chart evolving national identities and social values, assessing the way that both contemporary ‘Western’ societies and contemporary Muslim minorities view themselves and respond to the challenges of diversity. Drawing on themes and priority subjects from Islamic Culture within Euro-Asian, Australian, and American international research, they address multiple critical issues and discuss their implications for existing and future policy and practice in this area. These include subjects such as gender, the media, citizenship, and multiculturalism.

    The insight provided by this wide-ranging book will be of great use to scholars of Religious Studies, Interreligious Dialogue and Islamic Studies, as well as Politics, Culture, and Migration.

    Introduction: Re-examining Social, cultural and religious cohesion in contemporary Western Societies Introduction
    Abe W. Ata

    Part I: Social Harmony, Nationalism, and Integration

    Introductory Remarks
    Abe W. Ata

    1. On States, Commonwealths, and the ‘Clash of Civilisations
    Greg Melleuish

    2. Creating and sustaining multicultural societies in the ‘Anglosphere’
    James Jupp

    3. The return of Australian Values in the Australian Citizenship Test
    Maria Chisari

    4. The effect of Media on public perceptions of Muslims in the USA
    Craig Anderson and Andreas Miles-Novelo

    Part II: Education, Citizenship, and Cultural Diversity

    Introductory Remarks
    Abe W. Ata

    5. Gender, Race, and Identity in the USA
    Manijeh Danishpur

    6. Education and National Identity in Australia: Issues, Options, and Implications
    Andrew Jacubowicz

    7. Teaching citizenship against conflicting Cross cultural priorities in the Australian primary curriculum: implications for social justice
    Melinda Miller and Adele Amorsen

    8. Britishness and British Values: The Diminution of Migrants’ Social Citizenship Rights
    Clive Sealey

    Part III: Civil liberties, Multiculturalism, and Marginalization

    Introductory Remarks
    Abe W. Ata

    9. Diversity and Islam: The case of the Netherlands
    Thijl Sunier

    10. Multiculturalism under attack in Europe
    Lucia-Mihaela Grosu-Rădulescu

    11. History of Multiculturalism in Canada and Australia: its aim, successes, and challenges to national identity
    Sev Ozdowski

    12. Muslims as Second-Class Citizens in the West
    Jan Ali

    Part IV: Western Values, Muslim Migrants, and the Compatibility of Identity

    Introductory Remarks
    Abe W. Ata

    13. Reinterpretation of citizenship and identity in Britain following Brexit
    Susan Millns and Moira Dustin

    14. Compatibility of Muslim and Australian identities, as viewed by non-Muslim Australian students: A National Survey
    Abe W. Ata

    15. Compatibility of Muslim and Australian identities, as viewed by Muslim Australian students: A National Survey
    Abe W. Ata

    16. Integration, identity and the community: the case of Germany and France
    Claudia Postchnicescue

    17. The integration puzzle: exploring the challenges and hindrances when fitting immigrants into the Swedish Labour market
    Agneta Moulettes

    18. How German non-Muslim university students in German universities see Islam and Muslims
    Abe W. Ata and Klaus Baumann


    Abe W. Ata is Adjunct Professor at Victoria University and Latrobe University, Australia, and Visiting Professor at Freiburg University, Germany. His publications span 124 journal articles and 18 books.