1st Edition

Muslim Resistance to the Tsar Shamil and the Conquest of Chechnia and Daghestan

By Moshe Gammer Copyright 1994

    Much has been written about the Muslim Murid movement and its leader Shamil, who resisted the Tsarist Russian expansion into Chechan and Daghestan for more than quarter of a century. This study, based on research in multilingual archives, offers a fresh insight into this controversial subject.

    Introduction: The Russian Conquest of Transcaucasia Part 1: The Setting 1: The Theatre 2: The People 3: The Russians Part 2: The Background 4: Ermolov 5: The Naqshbandiyya-Khalidiyya Part 3: The First Two Imams A1 6: The First Imam 7: The Second Imam Part 4: Beginnings 8: The Third Imam 9: Tiliq 10: Akhulgoh Part 5: ‘The Rise of the Phoenix’ 11: Chechnia 12: Daghestan 13: Ghazl-Ghumuq and Ichkerl V MUSLIM RESISTANCE TO THE TSAR 12: Daghestan 13: Ghazl-Ghumuq and Ichkeri Part 6: To the Peak 14: Avaristan 15: Darghiyya 16: Ghabarta Part 7: ‘The System of the A xe’ 17: Lesser Chechnia 18: Central Daghestan 19: The South 20: Greater Chechnia Part 8: ‘The State of God’ 21: Shamil’s State 22: The Ruler and the Ruled 23: The Imam and His Neighbours 24: Shamil and the Powers Part 9: The End 25: The Crimean War 26: Ghunib Conclusion


    Msohe Gammer