1st Edition

Mutual Enrichment between Psychology and Theology

Edited By Russell Re Manning Copyright 2021
    288 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    288 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    The relationship between psychology and Christian theology has been one of the most important topics in the science and religion fields. Discussions, however, are too frequently one-sided. This book takes an alternative approach: following the lead of Fraser Watts, the contributions develop various aspects of the mutual enrichment of each discipline by the other. Moving beyond outdated models of conflict and independence, this book highlights areas of fruitful enhancement at the interface of Christian belief and practice with psychology.

    Set out in four sections the book’s chapters first engage methodological and substantive issues in the interdisciplinarity raised by the dialogue between psychology and theology. Second, chapters explore a variety of areas in which psychology enriches theology, looking at both historical and contemporary themes such as psychoanalysis, embodiment and mindfulness. Chapters in the third section explore some of the theological enrichments of psychology, with topics including character strengths, wisdom and forgiveness. The final section engages aspects of mutual enrichment in religious life and pastoral care with an applied focus on mental health, meditation, prayer, spiritual direction and spirituality.

    A refreshing alternative study of the mutual enrichment of psychology and theology with theoretical and practical applications, this book reinforces the need for both disciplines to pursue creative and constructive engagement with each other. Of interest to scholars in psychology, theology and religious studies this book will also be of interest more widely as a case study of successful interdisciplinary work.

    Foreword - Sara Savage

    Introduction - Russell Re Manning

    Part 1: Mutually Enriching Dialogue

    1. Doing Theology in Dialogue with Psychology

    Fraser Watts

    2. Dialogue within Dialogue: Interdisciplinary Dialogue between Theology and Psychology

    Léon Turner

    Part 2. Psychology Enriching Theology

    3. William Temple and the Religious Reception of Psychoanalysis

    Alistair Lockhart

    4. Have a Bit of Nous: Revelation and the Psychology of Religion

    Christopher Knight

    5. Embodying Theology

    James W Jones

    6. Mindfulness, Secular Spirituality, and the Psychology of Religious Knowing

    Mark Williams

    Part 3. Theology Enriching Psychology

    7. Character Strengths and Virtue

    Roger Bretherton

    8. The Psychology and Theology of Open-mindedness

    Ryan Williams

    9. Wisdom and Moral Formation

    Harris Wiseman

    10. Forgiveness and Relational Spirituality

    Everett L. Worthington, Jr. and Steven J. Sandage

    Part 4. Mutual Enrichment in Religious Life and Pastoral Care

    11. Religion and Mental Health Practice: A Framework for Integration

    José Liht

    12. Meditation as Science and Religion

    Miguel Farias & Masoumeh Rahmani

    13. Worry and Prayer

    Christopher Cook

    14. Being with Unknowing: Spiritual Direction and Bion's idea of O

    Mark Argent

    15. Redeeming Narratives in Christian Community

    Matthew Russell

    16. Self-Spirituality in the Twenty-First Century

    Galen Watts

    Afterword - Fraser Watts


    Russell Re Manning is Reader in Religions, Philosophies, and Ethics at Bath Spa University, UK, and a Visiting Fellow of St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge.