1st Edition

Mutual Influence in Situations of Spanish Language Contact in the Americas

Edited By Mark Waltermire, Kathryn Bove Copyright 2023
    232 Pages 29 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Mutual Influence in Situations of Spanish Language Contact in the Americas focuses on the structural results of contact between Spanish and Maya, Quechua, Guaraní, Portuguese, and English in the Americas. This edited volume explores the various ways in which these languages affect the linguistic structure of Spanish in situations of language contact, and also how Spanish impacts their linguistic structure.

    Across ten chapters, this book offers a broad survey of bidirectional influence in Spanish contact situations both geographically (in the US Southwest, the Yucatán Peninsula, the Andean regions of Ecuador and Peru, and the Southern Cone) and structurally (in the areas of phonetics, phonology, morphosyntax, semantics, and pragmatics). By examining the potential structural effects that two languages have on one another, it provides a novel and more holistic perspective on mutual linguistic influence than that of previous work on language contact.

    The volume serves as a reference on mutual influence in bilingual language varieties and will be of interest to researchers, scholars, and graduate students in Hispanic linguistics, and more broadly in language contact.

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    Mark Waltermire and Kathryn Bove

    1. Simplification in bilinguals' parallel structures? Spanish and English main-and-complement clauses

    Dora LaCasse and Rena Torres Cacoullos

    2. Structural impact of Spanish on English in the Southwest

    Erik R. Thomas

    3. Quantification and mood selection: Monolingual vs. bilingual speakers of Yucatec Spanish

    Kathryn Bove

    4. Spanish loan verbs in Yucatec Maya

    Grant Armstrong

    5. Intervocalic /s/ voicing in the Andean Spanish of southern Peru

    Carol A. Klee, Brandon M.A. Rogers, Mónica de la Fuente Iglesias, and James Ramsburg

    6. Variation in predicate constituent order in Southern Peruvian Quechua

    Sarah Hubbel

    7. Guaraní influence on Spanish in contact situations: A comparison between Paraguayan and Correntino Spanish

    Bruno Estigarribia, Justin Pinta, and Ernesto Luis López Almada

    8. A variationist account of differential object marking as a contact feature in Paraguayan Guaraní

    Josefina Bittar

    9. The influence of Portuguese on the realization of intervocalic /bdɡ/ in Border Uruguayan Spanish

    Mark Waltermire

    10. Code-mixing as a salient marker of identity on the Brazilian–Uruguayan border

    Tatiana Ribeiro do Amaral



    Mark Waltermire is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at New Mexico State University, USA.
    Kathryn Bove is an Assistant Professor in the Languages and Linguistics Department at New Mexico State University, USA.