48 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Make Colorado history more interesting to your students with this hands-on activity book that is packed with 48 pages of information. With My Colorado, students write, complete challenging games, create, analyze, practice their critical thinking skills, and more. Best of all, students learn to make connections between the past and their own lives in present-day Colorado.

    Use My Colorado as a supplement to your existing Colorado textbooks, or use My Colorado as your basic text and your other books as resource materials!

    My Colorado addresses fourth-grade geography, history, and Earth science content standards. It includes the many diverse groups that have contributed to Colorado's state history. Unlike so many textbooks that skip over the last 100 years, My Colorado also remembers to connect history with present-day Colorado.

    Grade 4

    Facts About Colorado, Facts About Me, My Colorado, The Big Picture, A Land of Great Variety, The Great Plains, More Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, More Rocky Mountains, Colorado Plateau, Rock Formations, Climate & Precipitation, Rivers & Water, Animals of Colorado, Insects of Colorado, Birds & Plants, Name Game, Colorado Game, Colorado in the Past, Trails, Immigrants & Settlers, Famous Coloradans, National Parks & Monuments, Rural & Urban Colorado, More Rural & Urban, Sports & Recreation, Road Trip, Colorado History in the Making, A to Z, Colorado Government, Final Activity for My Colorado, Highway Map


    Mary Borg teaches American history and Colorado history classes at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, where she also supervises student teachers in social studies and history.

    William Virden was the Instructional Director for two Teaching American History Grants that work to improve the teaching of U.S. history in Colorado schools.

    Virden is a graduate of Colorado State University and has over eighteen years of experience teaching at the college level. He was twice named Outstanding Instructor at the University of Northern Colorado and is listed in the Who's Who of American Teachers.