1st Edition

Myth of Addiction Second Edition

By John Booth Davies Copyright 1998

    First published in 1998. This study explains addiction in terms of social psychological processes, looks at the fundamental nature of addiction and its causes, pharmacology, attribution and volitional theories, as well as a context for drug problems.

    Attribution Theory: Explaining Explanation
    Attribution Theory and Attributional Research
    Volitional and Non-Volitional Explanations
    Addiction, Withdrawals and Craving
    Pharmacology and Compulsion
    The Problem of "Addictive Substances"
    Disease as the Preferred Explanation for "Badness"
    The Nature of Evidence: Methodological Problems
    Attribution: A Dynamic Approach to How People Explain Their Actions
    Functional Explanations for Drug Use
    A Context for Drug Problems


    John Booth Davies is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Centre for Applied Social Psychology at the University of Strathclyde, UK.

    "...Challenging, readable and often insightful.." -- Richard Eiser of Times Higher Educational Supplement
    "...The most challenging book to have appeared in the field of addiction studies in many years." -- Nick Heather of Centre for Alcohol & Drug Studies, UK
    "I believe that all who work in one way or another in addiction would benefit from reading this book." -- Robert West of British Journal of Addiction