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The Rhetoric of Resistance to Prison Education How the

The Rhetoric of Resistance to Prison Education: How the "War on Crime" Became the "War on Criminals"

1st Edition

By Adam Key
January 29, 2024

This book explores the discourse and rhetoric that resists and opposes postsecondary prison education. Positioning prison college programs as the best method to truly reduce recidivism, the book shows how the public – and by extension politicians – remain largely opposed to public funding for these...

Reputation Management Online America's

Reputation Management Online: America's "Right to Be Forgotten"

1st Edition

By Ben Medeiros
September 25, 2023

This book examines the work of the public relations, technology, and legal professionals who provide online “reputation management” services, situating their work within contemporary debates about regulating speech on the internet. The author argues that legal solutions like the European “Right to ...

Mobile Devices and Technology in Higher Education

Mobile Devices and Technology in Higher Education

1st Edition

By Jeffrey H. Kuznekoff, Stevie M. Munz, Scott Titsworth
September 18, 2019

This book examines key issues at the intersection of education and technology by addressing the question that most educators face—how do we use technology to engage students in the learning process and enhance learning? Problematizing the view that technology is the default solution to a host of ...

The Twitter Presidency Donald J. Trump and the Politics of White Rage

The Twitter Presidency: Donald J. Trump and the Politics of White Rage

1st Edition

By Brian L. Ott, Greg Dickinson
February 04, 2019

The Twitter Presidency explores the rhetorical style of President Donald J. Trump, attending to both his general manner of speaking as well as to his preferred modality. Trump’s manner, the authors argue, reflects an aesthetics of white rage, and it is rooted in authoritarianism, narcissism, and ...

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