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Asian Trade Routes

Asian Trade Routes

1st Edition

By Haellquist
March 25, 2002

First Published in 2004. These essays deal with the Western penetration of Asia from the earliest times to the recent past in the quest for trade, and by means of opening up routes and communications to bridge East and West, thereby influencing societies, economies and cultures. The relevant ...

Democracy, Development and Decentralization in Provincial Thailand

Democracy, Development and Decentralization in Provincial Thailand

1st Edition

By Daniel Arghiros
March 09, 2001

This definitive study of electoral politics and democratic decentralization in provincial Thailand investigates how democracy is unfolding in the context of emergent capitalism, exploring the relationships between the politics of the locality, the province and the nation from 1950....

Mongolia in Transition Old Patterns, New Challenges

Mongolia in Transition: Old Patterns, New Challenges

1st Edition

By Ole Bruun, Ole Odgaard
October 10, 1996

Squeezed between powerful neighbours, for decades Mongolia played the role of buffer state. Its full independence in 1990 offered new opportunities for both economic growth and the restoration of Mongolian identity. But with a huge land area, poor infrastructure and a small population, the new ...

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