1st Edition

Naked Management Bare Essentials For Motivating The X-Generation At Work

By Marc H. Muchnick Copyright 1996

    With highly negative stereotypes circulating about "X'ers," all managers have a clear and justifiable prerogative for reading Naked Management if they want to successfully navigate through what has been dubbed the "X-Crisis." Learn how to overcome worker apathy and management resentment.
    Naked Management is the first book to provide honest, practical guidelines for managers who need to deal with motivating the "X-Generation" and creating a positive impact on morale and productivity while putting a halt to turnover. Learn the critical tools both managers and younger employees need to put to use in order to create and maintain a successful workplace environment. Through a wide variety of exercises, management and employees alike have opportunities to explore feelings, evaluate performance and management techniques, define personal identity, and complete checklists on such topics as responsibility and management values.
    Let actual case examples demonstrate how the NAKED model impacts the work life of managers and X'ers in such organizations as PepsiCo, Ritz-Carlton hotels, NationsBank, Kinko's, Tulane University, Jiffy Lube, and United Airlines.

    A Word on Naked Management and Diversity
    The X-Crisis
    Top Ten Complaints About the X-Workforce
    Crisis at a Glance
    The Economy From Hell
    Over-X-Tended, Under-X-Pended
    Stuck in the Mud
    X'ercise 1: Testing the Waters
    Getting Naked
    Top Ten Reasons to Manage Naked
    You Might as Well Strip
    The Naked Challenge
    The NAKED Model Exposed
    A Naked Frame of Mind
    Naked Checklist: Getting Naked
    X-ercise 2: Bare Essentials
    Necessary Freedom
    Top Ten Things Managers Do That Suffocate X'ers
    In X'ers We Trust
    NAKED Success X'er Profile: The Levy Restaurants
    A Long, Long Rope
    NAKED Success X'er Profile: The Home Depot
    No Room to Sneeze
    Mutual Benefits
    Naked Checklist: Necessary Freedom
    X'ercise 3: In the Name of Freedom
    Active Involvement
    Top Ten Uses for an X'er Suggestion Box
    When I Want Your Opinion I'll Give It to You
    A Say in the Action
    NAKED Success X'er Profile: PepsiCo, Inc.
    Bored, Not Lazy
    Naked Checklist: Active Involvement
    X'ercise 4: The Power of Suggestion
    Key Recognition
    Top Ten Ways to De-Motivate X'ers
    Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
    Positive Pays Off
    NAKED Success X'ers Profile: Nations Bank
    The Carrot and the Stick
    NAKED Success X'er Profile: Dryclean U.S.A.
    The Desirability Factor
    Naked Checklist: Key Recognition
    X'ercise 5: What Makes 'Em Tick
    Top Ten Things X'ers Want to Tell Workaholic Managers
    What Do You Mean You've Got a Life?
    NAKED Success X'er Profile: Kinko's
    Empathy vs. Sympathy
    An Earful Goes a Long Way
    NAKED Success X'er Profile: Mirage Resorts
    Where the Rubber Meets the Road
    Naked Checklist: Empathy
    X'ercise 6: In Their Shoes
    Direct Communication
    lop Ten Reasons for Manager-X'er Communication Gaps
    Spelling It Out
    lhe Naked Contract
    NAKED Success X'er Profile: Jiffy Lube
    Letting 'Em Know Where They Stand
    NAKED Success X'er Profile: United Airlines
    It's How You Say It
    Naked Checklist: Direct Communication
    X'ercise 7: Clearing the Air
    Naked Proof
    Top Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Make Naked Management Fail
    Whatever You Do, Don't Measure It
    NAKED Success X'er Profile: Tulane University: Staying on Track: The Naked Tracking System
    Lip Service 101
    NAKED Success X'er Profile: Office Depot :The Return on Investment
    Naked Checklist: Naked Proof
    X'ercise 8: On the Right Track
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    About the Author
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    Marc H. Muchnick (Author)

    "Naked Management is a must-read…Dr. Muchnick has successfully tapped into Generations X's core values…"
    -R. Luis Batz, Chapter President, American Society for Training and Development
    "Naked Management covers the concepts and theories that are vital to successfully manage the X-Generation. It is required reading for all managers in the '90s."
    -James Arnaez, III, Burger King Corporation
    "The perfect guide for the managers who want to develop the skills it takes to meet the challenges of today's labor pool."
    -Robert Rosario, Four Seasons Hotel
    "Managing and motivating the X-Generation workforce is one of the key human resources issues that companies face today. Finally, Marc Muchnick gives every manager a win-win strategy for maximizing X'er performance and job satisfaction"
    -Steve Shinider, KPMG Peat Marwick LLP
    "My staff members are enthusiastic and excited about Naked Management. I am absolutely thrilled with their response."
    -Carol Gavel, Kinko's Copy Centers