Nancy Cartwright’s Philosophy of Science  book cover
1st Edition

Nancy Cartwright’s Philosophy of Science

ISBN 9780415883924
Published June 7, 2010 by Routledge
420 Pages

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Book Description

Nancy Cartwright is one of the most distinguished and influential contemporary philosophers of science. Despite the profound impact of her work, there is neither a systematic exposition of Cartwright’s philosophy of science nor a collection of articles that contains in-depth discussions of the major themes of her philosophy.

This book is devoted to a critical assessment of Cartwright’s philosophy of science and contains contributions from Cartwright's champions and critics. Broken into three parts, the book begins by addressing Cartwright's views on the practice of model building in science and the question of how models represent the world before moving on to a detailed discussion of methodologically and metaphysically challenging problems. Finally, the book addresses Cartwright's original attempts to clarify profound questions concerning the metaphysics of science.

With contributions from leading scholars, such as Ronald N. Giere and Paul Teller, this unique volume will be extremely useful to philosophers of science the world over.

Table of Contents


1 Hoefer: Introducing Nancy Cartwright’s Philosophy of Science


Part I. Models and Representations

2 Bailer-Jones, D. Standing up Against Tradition: Models and Theories in Nancy Cartwright’s Philosophy of Science

Replies by Cartwright

    1. Gäehde, U. Nancy Cartwright on Theories, Models and Their Application to Reality: A Case Study
    2. Replies by Cartwright

    3. Morrison, M. Models as Representational Structures
    4. Replies by Cartwright

    5. Teller, P. The Finewright Theory
    6. Replies by Cartwright

      Part II. Causes and Capacities

    7. Giere, R. Models, Metaphysics and Methodology
    8. Replies by Cartwright

    9. Suarez, M. Experimental Realism Defended: How Inference to the Most Likely Cause Might Be Sound
    10. Replies by Cartwright

    11. Psillos, S. Cartwright’s Realist Toil: From Entities to Capacities
    12. Replies by Cartwright

    13. Woodward, J. Invariance, Modularity, And All That: Cartwright on Causation
    14. Replies by Cartwright

    15. Martel, I. The Principle of the Common Cause, The Causal Markov Condition, and Quantum Mechanics: Comments on Cartwright
    16. Replies by Cartwright

    17. Reiss, J. Social Capacities
    18. Replies by Cartwright


    19. Schmidt-Petri, C. Cartwright and Mill on Tendencies and Capacities
    20. Replies by Cartwright

      Part III. Antifundamentalism and the Disunity of Science

    21. Hoefer, C. For Fundamentalism
    22. Replies by Cartwright

    23. Esfeld, M. Cartwright on Wholism
    24. Replies by Cartwright

    25. Falkenburg, B. How Classical and Quantum States Relate: Cartwright’s Views of Quantum Theory
    26. Replies by Cartwright

    27. Nordmann, A. Getting the Causal Story Right: Hermeneutic Moments in Nancy Cartwright’s Philosophy of Science

Replies by Cartwright


Notes on Contributors


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Stephan Hartmann is Chair in Epistemology and Philosophy of Science in the Department of Philosophy at Tilburg University and Director of the Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science.

Luc Bovens is Professor of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method at the London School of Economics.

Carl Hoefer is an ICREA Research Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona