1st Edition

Nano Science and Technology Novel Structures and Phenomena

Edited By Ping Sheng, Zikang Tang Copyright 2003

    Nanoscience and technology is a rapidly developing area of research in physics, chemistry, and materials. This volume comsists of papers presented at the Advanced Study Institute in Hong Kong that explore developments in novel structures in phenomena of nanostructured materials.

    The topics include:

  • two-dimensional nanoclusters on metal surfaces,
  • quantum dynamics of coupled quantum-dot cubits and dephasing effects induced by measurements,
  • coating of metal oxides onto surface of mesoporous silicas, and
  • synthesis of boron nitride nanotube arrays

    Nano Science and Technology: Novel Structures and Phenomena is a useful source of reference for postgraduates, professionals, and researchers in this fast growing field.
  • Part I: Novel Nanostructures and Devices 1. Nanopatterning with Diblock Copolymers P.M. Chaikin, C. Harrison, M. Park, R. A. Register, D.H. Adamson, D.A. Huse, M.A. Trawick, R. Li and P. Dapkus 2. Nanostructured Materials: Basic Concepts, Microstructures and Properties H. Gleiter 3. Tuning the electronic Structure of Solids by Means of Nanometer-sized Microstructures H. Gleiter 4. Epitaxial Growth and Electronic Structure of Self Assembled Quantum Dots P.M. Petroff 5. Self assembled quantum dot devices P.M. Petroff 6. Solvothermal Synthesis of Non-Oxide Nanomaterials Y. T. Qian 7. Nanostructures at Solid/Liquid Interface L.J. Wan and C. L. Bai 8. Fabrication, Characterization, and Physical Properties of Nanostructured Metal Replicated Membranes Y. Lei, W. P. Cai and L.D. Zhang 9. Vesicular and Tubular Nanoassemblies of an Isoleucine Containing Amphiphilic Polyacetylene B.S. Li, K.K. C 10. Evolution of Two-dimensional Nanoclusters on Metal Surfaces W.W. Pai and D.J. Liu Part II: Fullerenes and Nanotubes 11. Exploring the Convex and Concave Nanospace of Fullerinic Material by Low Energy Spectroscopy H. Kuzmany, R. Pfeiffer, T. Pinchler, Ch. Kramberger, M. Krause and V. Liu 12. Controlled Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes and Their Field Emission Properties S.S. Fan, L. Liu, Z. H. Yuan, and L.M. Sheng 13. Superconductivity in 4 Angstrom Carbon Nanotubes P. Sheng, Z.K. Tang, L. Y. Zhang, N. Wang, X.X. Zhang, G.H. Wen, G.D. Li, J.N. Wang and C.T. Chan 14. Ultra-small Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes and their Novel Properties Z. K. Tang, Irene, L. Li, Z.M. Li, N. Wang and P. Sheng 15. Free Radical Attack on C60 Embedded in Nanochannels of Mesoporous Silica C.H. Lee, P.H. Lin, T.S. Lin and C.Y. Mou 16. Template-Directed Synthesis of Boron Nitride Nanotube Array by Microwave Plasma Chemical Reaction Q. Wu, Z. Hu, X. Z Wang, X. Chen and Y, Chen 17. Field Emission Enhancement of Mutiwalled Carbon Nanotubes by Thermal Treatment Under UHV and in Hydrogen and Ethylen Atmospheres L. Stobinski, C.S. Chang, H.M. Lin and T.T. Tsong Part 3: Nanocomposites and Semiconductor Nanostructures 18. Micro-Domain Engineering for Optics and Acoustics S.N. Zhu, Y.Y. Zhu and M.B. Ming 19. Distinguishing Spinodal and Nucleation Phase Separation in Dewetting Polymer Films O.K.C. Tsui, B. Du, F. Xie, Y.J. Wang, H. Yan and Z. Yang 20. Fabrication of Mesoscopic Devices Using Atomic Force Microscopic Direct Oxidation F.K. Lee, G.H. Wen, X.X. Zhang and O.K.C. Tsui 21. Copper Nanowires Prepared by the Treatment of the Cu^O2S Nanowires in a Radio-Frequency Hydrogen Plasma S.H. Wang, X. G. Wen, X.X. Zhang, and O.K.C. Tsui 22. The Viscoelastic Effect on the Formation of Neso-Globular Phase in Dilute Heteropolymer Solution C. Wu 23. Chemical Coating of the Metal Oxides onto Mesoporous Silicas H.P. Lin, Y.H. Liu and C. Y. Mou 24. Emission in Wide Band Gap II-VI Semiconductor Compounds with Low-Dimensional Structure X.W. Fan, G.Y. Yu, Y. Yang, D.Z. Shen, J.Y. Zhang, Y. C. Liu and Y.M. Lu 25. Temperature and Magnetic Field Dependent Transports in Granular Structures H.Y. Cheung, T.K. Ng and P.M. Hui 26. Mechanism and Method of Single Atom Pyramidal Tip T.Y. Fu and T.T. Tsong 27. Hydrogen and Proton Transport Properties of Nanoporous Zeolite Micromembranes J.J.H. Chau, A.Y.L. Leung, M.B. Shing, K.L. Yeung and C.M. Chan Part IV: Theory and Simulations 28. Alkali Metal Intercalation of Small Radius Carbon Nanotubes H.J. Liu, J.L. Yang and C.T. Chan 29. Engineering Acoustic Band Gaps in Phononic Crystals Z.Q. Zhang, Y. Lai and X.D. Zhang 30. Quantum Dynamics of Coupled Quantum-Dot Cubits and Dephasing Effects Induced by Measurements Z.T. Jiang, J. Peng, Q. You, S.S. Li and H.Z. Zhengts 31. Coherent Dynamics and Quantum Information Processing in Josephson Charge Devices J. Q. You, F.G. Nori and J.S. Tsai Fullerenes and Nanotubes Part III: Nanocomposites and Semiconductor Nanostructures Part IV: Theory and Simulations


    Ping Sheng, Zikang Tang