2nd Edition

Nanocrystals in Nonvolatile Memory

By Writam Banerjee Copyright 2024
    682 Pages
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    In recent years, the abundant advantages of quantum physics, quantum dots, quantum wires, quantum wells, and nanocrystals in various applications have attracted considerable scientific attention in the field of nonvolatile memory (NVM). Nanocrystals are the driving elements that have helped nonvolatile flash memory technology reach its distinguished height, but new approaches are still needed to strengthen nanocrystal-based nonvolatile technology for future applications. This book presents comprehensive knowledge on nanocrystal fabrication methods and applications of nanocrystals in baseline NVM and emerging NVM technologies and the chapters are written by experts in the field from all over the globe.

    The book presents a detailed analysis on nanocrystal-based emerging devices by a high-level researcher in the field. It has a unique chapter especially dedicated to graphene-based flash memory devices, considering the importance of carbon allotropes in future applications. This updated edition covers emerging ferroelectric memory device, which is a technology for the future, and the chapter is contributed by the well-known Ferroelectric Memory Company, Germany. It includes information related to the applications of emerging memories in sensors and the chapter is contributed by Ajou University, South Korea. The book introduces a new chapter for emerging NVM technology in artificial intelligence and the chapter is contributed by University College London, UK. It guides the readers throughout with appropriate illustrations, excellent figures, and references in each chapter. It is a valuable tool for researchers and developers from the fields of electronics, semiconductors, nanotechnology, materials science, and solid-state memories.

    1. Nanocrystal Materials, Fabrications, and Characterizations

    Sujan Chowdhury and Puspendu Barik

    2. Modeling and Simulation of Nanocrystal Flash Memory

    Bikash Sharma and Chandan Kumar Sarkar

    3. Charge Trapping and High-k Nanocrystal Flash Memory

    Meng Chuan Lee and Hin Yong Wong

    4. Silicon Nanocrystal Flash Memory

    Lili Zhao, Tiezheng Lv, and Guofeng Fan

    5. Synthesis, Characterization, and Memory Application of Germanium Nanocrystals in Dielectric Matrices

    Wee Kiong Choi and Writam Banerjee

    6. Nanographene Flash Memory

    Jianling Meng, Rong Yang, and Guangyu Zhang

    7. Data Recovery of Flash Memory

    Bernard Kasamani Shibwabo and Ismail Ateya Lukandu

    8. Nanocrystals in Resistive Random-Access Memory

    Writam Banerjee and Qi Liu

    9. HfO2-Based Ferroelectric Memory

    Alireza Kashir

    10. Measurement Aspects of Nonvolatile Memory

    Alberto Campisi

    11. Applications of Emerging Nonvolatile Memories

    Mohit Kumar and Hyungtak Seo

    12. Emerging Nonvolatile Memories for Machine Learning

    Adnan Mehonic and Dovydas Joksas


    Writam Banerjee is principal engineer of technology development for emerging nonvolatile memories at GlobalFoundries, Dresden, Germany. He earned his master's and doctorate degrees in physics and semiconductor devices, respectively. He worked at various academic positions for nearly 13 years in the area of emerging nonvolatile memory technology before joining GlobalFoundries in 2021. Dr. Banerjee has authored or co-authored over 100 scientific publications and is a senior member of IEEE and an editorial board member of Nature Portfolio journals.