2nd Edition

Nanomaterials Synthesis, Properties and Applications, Second Edition

Edited By A.S Edelstein, R.C Cammaratra Copyright 1996
    618 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications provides a comprehensive introduction to nanomaterials, from how to make them to example properties, processing techniques, and applications. Contributions by leading international researchers and teachers in academic, government, and industrial institutions in nanomaterials provide an accessible guide for newcomers to the field. The coverage ranges from isolated clusters and small particles to nanostructured materials, multilayers, and nanoelectronics. The book contains a wealth of references for further reading. Individual chapters deal with relevant aspects of the underlying physics, materials science, and physical chemistry.

    Part one. Introduction (A S Edelstein and R C Cammarata). Part two: Synthesis. Formation of clusters and nanoparticles from a supersaturated vapour and selected properties (M Samy El-Shall and A S Edelstein). Particle synthesis by chemical routes (G M Chow and K E Gonsalves). Synthesis of semiconductor nanoclusters (N Herron and Y Wang). Formation of nanostructures by mechanical attrition (H J Fecht). Part three: Artificially multilayered materials (R C Cammarata). Part four: Processing of nanomaterials. Processing of nanostructured sol gel materials (L C Klein). Consolidation of nanocrystalline materials by compaction and sintering (M J Mayo, D-J Chen and D C Hague). Part five: Characterization of nanostructured materials. Nanostructures of metals and ceramics (R W Siegel). Characterization by scattering techniques and EXAFs (J Weissm^D"uller). Interfacial free volumes and atomic diffusion in nanostructured solids (R W^D"urschum and H-E Schaefer). Part six: Properties of nanostructured materials. Chemical properties (D R Rolison). Mechanical properties (J R Weertman and R S Averback). Magnetic and electron transport properties of granular films (K Unruh and C L Chien). Magnetic and structural properties of nanoparticles (G Hadjipayanis, K J Klabunde and C M Sorensen). Optical characterization and applications of semiconductor quantum dots (N Peyghambarian, E Hanamura, S W Koch, Y Masumoto and E M Wright). Part Seven: Special nanomaterials. Porous silicon nanostructures (S M Prokes). Biological nanomaterials (D P E Dickson). Synthesis, structure, and properties of fullerenes (D R Huffman). Part eight: Nanofabrication and nanoelectronics (E A Dobisz, F A Buot and C R K Marrian). Part nine: Assessment of technological impact. Note from the editors (A S Edelstein and R C Cammarata). General Overview (W M Tolles and B B Rath). Impact on chemistry and related technology (J S Murday). Nanostructures in electronics (H G Craighead). Memories and electronic devices (R S Bate). Nanostructured materials for magnetic recording (A Berkowitz). Commercialization opportunities for nanophase ceramics:- a small-company perspective (J C Parker). Subject index. Materials index.


    A.S Edelstein, R.C Cammaratra

    "… this is a most valuable compilation, with something for everybody … It will be quite some time before this book is displaced from its unique eminence as an overview of nano-everything."
    -Nanostructured Materials

    "The broad objective of this book is to indicate the breadth and current status of the area of nanomaterials research and, in particular, to provide access to most of the basic material on the synthesis, properties, and applications of nanomaterials. The book is intended for graduate students and researchers in other fields who seek an extensive review of this subject, as well as researchers currently working in nanomaterials … those parts with which I am familiar are authoritative and presented with clarity. The book is handsomely illustrated with many figures and the occasional micrograph … There is … no other book with such a broad coverage of nanomaterials and this text is to be welcomed for those who wish to enter the field or who are already involved in one of its many aspects. I recommend this book strongly."
    -Chemistry and Industry

    "… successfully accomplishes the difficult task of reviewing all salient aspects of nanomaterials science and technology … valuable information on the technological and economical assessment of materials … essential to all materials scientists and materials science libraries…"
    -Il Nuovo Cimento