350 Pages 171 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    350 Pages 171 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    This book presents the material necessary for understanding the physics, operation, design, and performance of modern MOSFETs with nanometer dimensions. It offers a brief introduction to the field and a thorough overview of MOSFET physics, detailing the relevant basics. The authors apply presented models to calculate and demonstrate transistor characteristics, and they include required input data (e.g., dimensions, doping) enabling readers to repeat the calculations and compare their results. The book introduces conventional and novel advanced MOSFET concepts, such as multiple-gate structures or alternative channel materials. Other topics covered include high-k dielectrics and mobility enhancement techniques, MOSFETs for RF (radio frequency) applications, MOSFET fabrication technology.

    The Evolution of Silicon Electronics
    The Early Days of Semiconductor Electronics
    Moore’s Law
    Further trends and the ITRS
    Improved MOSFET Designs
    MOSFETs for High-Frequency Operation?

    MOSFET Theory
    MOS Fundamentals
    MOSFET Current— Voltage Characteristics

    Nanoscale MOSFETs
    MOSFET Scaling Theory
    Nanoscale MOSFET Concepts — An Overview
    Nanoscale Bulk MOSFETs
    Mobility Enhancement Techniques
    High-k Dielectrics and Metal Gates
    Nanoscale Single-Gate SOI MOSFETs
    Nanoscale Multiple-Gate MOSFETs
    MOSFETs with Alternative Channel Materials
    The Effect of Multiple Technology Boosters

    MOSFETs for RF Applications
    RF Transistor Figures of Merit
    Small-Signal Equivalent Circuits
    RF MOSFET Design and Performance

    Overview of Nanometer CMOS Technology
    Plasma Etching
    Thin Film Formation Techniques
    Junction Formation

    Critical Scaling Issues
    Will There Be a Mainstream Beyond-Scaling, Post-CMOS Technology?

    Appendix A:
    Frequently Used Symbols
    Appendix B: Physical Constants and Unit Conversions
    Appendix C: Important Properties of Si and SiO₂
    Appendix D: Carrier Concentrations, Energy, and Potential
    Appendix E: Frequently Used Abbreviations


    Juin J Liou, Frank Schwierz, Hei Wong

    "Nanoscale CMOS has become mainstream technology. This book deals with a very important topic and is written by two well-known contributors to the field. It is a very timely and important book."
    —Prof. Michael Shur, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

    "This book combines the knowledge of three distinguished authors in a unique blend transcending from early history to modern-day nanotechnology; the text will be enjoyable, educational and illuminating for the technical novice and the modern expert."
    —Dr. Steven Voldman, ESD Association, USA