1st Edition

Nanoporous Materials Synthesis and Applications

Edited By Qiang Xu Copyright 2013
    384 Pages 227 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    In the past two decades, the field of nanoporous materials has undergone significant developments. As these materials possess high specific surface areas, well-defined pore sizes, and functional sites, they show a great diversity of applications such as molecular adsorption/storage and separation, sensing, catalysis, energy storage and conversion, drug delivery, and more. Nanoporous Materials: Synthesis and Applications surveys the key developments in the synthesis of nanoporous materials in a broad range from soft porous materials—such as porous organic and metal-organic frameworks—to hard porous materials, such as porous metals and metal oxides, and the significant advances in their applications to date.

    Topics Include:

    • Synthetic approaches, characterization techniques, and applications of a variety of meso- and microporous polymers and organic frameworks
    • Advances in the synthetic control of structures along with the function exploration of this new class of organic porous materials
    • Synthesis and applications of nanoporous metal-organic frameworks, mesoporous silica, and nanoporous glass
    • Synthesis of mesoporous carbons by a soft- and hard-templating method and their applications for supercapacitors and membrane separations
    • Fabrication of nanoporous semiconductor materials
    • Structural modification and functional improvement of layered zeolites
    • Germanates and related materials with open-frameworks


    Nanoporous Polymers
    Jens Weber and Arne Thomas
    Design, Synthesis, and Functions of Conjugated Microporous Polymers
    Yanhong Xu, Shangbin Jin, and Donglin Jiang
    Nanoporous Metal–Organic Frameworks
    Hai-Long Jiang and Qiang Xu
    Ordered Mesoporous Carbons Prepared by a Soft-Templating Method
    Norikazu Nishiyama and Shunsuke Tanaka
    Dealloyed Nanoporous Metals
    Luyang Chen, Xingyou Lang, and Mingwei Chen
    Synthesis of Mesoporous Metal Oxides and Metals and Their Applications
    Hongjing Wang, Xiangfen Jiang, and Yusuke Yamauchi
    Preparation of Nanoporous Semiconductor-Based Materials for Photocatalytic Applications
    Xingdong Wang, Maryline Chee Kimling, and Rachel Anne Caruso
    Layered Zeolites: Structure Modification and Application
    Peng Wu, Hao Xu, and Kun Zhang
    Applications of Pore Voids of Mesoporous Silica to Acid Catalysts and Controlled Release
    Masahiro Fujiwara
    Nanopore Glass
    Tetsuo Yazawa
    Open-Framework Germanates and Related Materials
    Andrew Ken Inge and Xiaodong Zou


    Qiang Xu