1st Edition

Nanoscale Semiconductor Memories Technology and Applications

Edited By Santosh K. Kurinec, Krzysztof Iniewski Copyright 2014
    448 Pages 316 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    448 Pages 316 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Nanoscale memories are used everywhere. From your iPhone to a supercomputer, every electronic device contains at least one such type. With coverage of current and prototypical technologies, Nanoscale Semiconductor Memories: Technology and Applications presents the latest research in the field of nanoscale memories technology in one place. It also covers a myriad of applications that nanoscale memories technology has enabled.

    The book begins with coverage of SRAM, addressing the design challenges as the technology scales, then provides design strategies to mitigate radiation induced upsets in SRAM. It discusses the current state-of-the-art DRAM technology and the need to develop high performance sense amplifier circuitry. The text then covers the novel concept of capacitorless 1T DRAM, termed as Advanced-RAM or A-RAM, and presents a discussion on quantum dot (QD) based flash memory.

    Building on this foundation, the coverage turns to STT-RAM, emphasizing scalable embedded STT-RAM, and the physics and engineering of magnetic domain wall "racetrack" memory. The book also discusses state-of-the-art modeling applied to phase change memory devices and includes an extensive review of RRAM, highlighting the physics of operation and analyzing different materials systems currently under investigation.

    The hunt is still on for universal memory that fits all the requirements of an "ideal memory" capable of high-density storage, low-power operation, unparalleled speed, high endurance, and low cost. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, this book bridges technological and application issues to provide the groundwork for developing custom designed memory systems.

    Static Random Access Memory
    SRAM: The Benchmark of VLSI Technology, Qingqing Liang
    Complete Guide to Multiple Upsets in SRAMs Processed in Decananometric CMOS Technologies, Gilles Gasiot and Philippe Roche
    Radiation Hardened by Design SRAM Strategies for TID and SEE Mitigation, Lawrence T. Clark

    Dynamic Random Access Memory
    DRAM Technology, Myoung Jin Lee
    Concepts of Capacitorless 1T-DRAM and Unified Memory on SOI, Sorin Cristoloveanu and Maryline Bawedin
    A-RAM Family: Novel Capacitorless 1T-DRAM Cells for 22 nm Nodes and Beyond, Francisco Gamiz, Noel Rodriguez, and Sorin Cristoloveanu

    Novel Flash Memory
    Quantum Dot-Based Flash Memories, Tobias Nowozin, Andreas Marent, Martin Geller, and Dieter Bimberg

    Magnetic Memory|
    Spin-Transfer-Torque MRAM, Kangho Lee
    Magnetic Domain Wall "Racetrack" Memory, Michael C. Gaidis and Luc Thomas

    Phase-Change Memory
    Phase-Change Memory Cell Model and Simulation, Jin He, Yujun Wei, and Mansun Chan
    Phase-Change Memory Devices and Electrothermal Modeling, Helena Silva, Azer Faraclas, and Ali Gokirmak

    Resistive Random Access Memory
    Nonvolatile Memory Device: Resistive Random Access Memory, Peng Zhou, Lin Chen, Hangbing Lv, Haijun Wan, and Qingqing Sun
    Nanoscale Resistive Random Access Memory: Materials, Devices, and Circuits, Hong Yu Yu


    Kurinec, Santosh K.; Iniewski, Krzysztof