1st Edition

Nanotechnology Commercialization

By Takuya Tsuzuki Copyright 2013
    480 Pages 14 Color & 71 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    In terms of commercialization, nanomaterials occupy a unique place in nanotechnology. Engineered nanomaterials, especially nanoparticulate materials, are the leading sector in nanotechnology commercialization. In addition, the nanomaterial sector has attracted much more heated debate than any other nanotechnology sector with regard to safety, regulation, standardization, and ethics. This is the first book on nanotechnology commercialization that deals exclusively with nanomaterials. It provides overviews of the current trends in, and the issues associated with, the commercialization of nanomaterials by some of the foremost nanotechnology experts in their fields.

    Properties of Nanoparticulate Materials
    Takuya Tsuzuki
    Nanoparticulate Materials
    Common Characteristics of All Types of Nanoparticulate Materials
    Characteristics of Specific Types of Nanoparticulate Materials
    Applications and Market Opportunities of Nanoparticulate Materials
    Takuya Tsuzuki
    Nanotechnology Market
    Opportunities and Challenges
    Nanoparticle Applications in Consumer Products
    Production Techniques of Nanoparticles on a Laboratory Scale
    Putla Sudarsanam and Benjaram M. Reddy
    Precipitation Methods
    Deposition-Precipitation (DP) Techniques
    Sol-Gel Methods
    Microemulsion Techniques
    Hydrothermal and Solvothermal Methods
    Microwave-Assisted Techniques
    Polyol Methods
    Liquid Feed Flame Spray Pyrolysis (LF-FSP) Methods
    Template-Directed Synthetic Techniques
    Mechanochemical Processing
    Ionic Liquid-Assisted Methods
    Commercial-Scale Production of Nanoparticles
    Takuya Tsuzuki
    Methods Used in the Commercial-Scale Production of Nanoparticles
    Effects of Production Methods on the Properties of Commercial Nanoparticles
    The Commercialisation of Nanotechnology: The Five Critical Success Factors to a Nanotech-Enabled Whole Product
    Craig Belcher, Richard Marshall, Grant Edwards, and Darren Martin
    Nanotechnology Commercialisation Critical Success Factors
    Overcoming Nanotechnology Commercialisation Challenges: Case Studies of Nanotechnology Ventures
    Elicia Maine
    Case Studies
    Analysis of Case Study Commercialisation Challenges
    Approaches to Nanotech Commercialisation Critical Success Factors
    Intellectual Property and Nanomaterials: Trend and Strategy
    Daisuke Kanama
    Background: Patent Application Trends within Each Strategic Priority Area in Japan
    Trend in Patent Applications in the Area of Nanotechnology
    Examples of Applied Nanotechnology: Carbon Nanotube Technology
    Conclusion: Intellectual Property Strategy in the Field of Nanotechnology
    Government Regulation of Nanotechnologies
    Diana M. Bowman and Joel D’Silva
    The World of Regulation: Unpacking Different Regulatory Models
    Current Regulatory Frameworks and Their Effectiveness for Nanotechnologies
    Multi-Lateral and Multi-Party Initiatives
    Conclusion: Acknowledging the Elephant in the Room
    Metrology, Standards and Measurements Concerning Engineered Nanoparticles
    Åsa Jämting and John Miles
    Metrology: The Science of Measurement
    Measurement Techniques for Nanoparticle Characterisation
    Selected Nanoparticle Size Measurement Techniques: Benefits and Limitations
    Safety of Engineered Nanomaterials and OH&S Issues for Commercial-Scale Production
    Paul F. A. Wright and Neale R. C. Jackson
    Overview of Nanotoxicology
    Overview of Occupational Health and Safety Issues and Workplace Controls
    Managing Nanowaste: Concepts and Challenges for Nanomanufacturers
    Jeremy Allan
    Conceptualising Nanowaste
    Measuring Nanowaste
    Managing Nanowaste
    Nanowaste Risk Management
    Nanowaste Handling
    Future Directions
    Public Engagement
    Craig Cormick
    Nanotechnology in Society
    So What Does Good Engagement Look Like?
    Obstacles to Good Engagement
    A Short History of Public Engagement
    Deficit 2.0
    Understanding NGOs and Affected Publics
    Public Attitude Research
    Engaging the Unengaged
    Public Perception Barriers to Good Engagement
    Examples of Engagement
    Public Engagement Models for the Future
    Online Communities and Online Community Engagement
    Areas for More Work
    So What Does It All Mean?


    Takuya Tsuzuki