1st Edition

Nanotechnology in Agriculture and Environmental Science

    332 Pages 8 Color & 41 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    332 Pages 8 Color & 41 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book provides examples applications of nanotechnology in addressing problems and challenges in agriculture as well as environmental sciences and provides an overview of innovations in nanopesticides, nanofertilizers, bionanosensors and nano-based delivery system for improving different aspects of plant productivity including pre-harvest and post-harvest strategies as well detection of contaminants that could be useful for enhancing soil health. Recycling of agricultural waste to beneficial products using nanotechnologies; bionanosensors; fate of nanomaterials and the ecological consequences of their delivery into the environment; safety and nanotoxicity issues are other topics being dealt with in this book. Chapters have been written by internationally recognized researchers and experts with special reference to the innovations and latest developments in the mentioned areas of nanobiotechnology that have applications and commercial importance, especially for crop fields and post-harvest management.

    Despite the research and development used to promote the use of nanotechnology in agriculture and the environmental, knowledge gaps and uncertainties about how to fill the gaps are more prevalent than scientific certainties about the public health and environmental effects of nanomaterials. The book thus addresses the issue of toxicity of nanomaterials in agricultural nanotechnology products. The book will be useful for active researchers and scientists in the agricultural sector, academia as well as industry, including nanotechnologists, plant pathologists, agronomists, agrochemists, environmental technologists and all scientists working for sustainability in agriculture. The book will encourage future and active researchers and scientists in the agriculture sector, academia as well as industry.

    1. Agricultural Nanobiotechnology: Current Possibilities and Constraints

    Pooja and Renu Munjal

    Section A: Agro-Nanotechnology


    2. Application of Metallic Nanoparticles as Agri Inputs: Modulation in Nanoparticle Design and Application Dosage Needed

    Shweta Gehlout, Ayushi Priyam, Drishti, et al.

    3. Recent Advances in Nanofertilizer Development

    Ankita Bedi and Braj Raj Singh

    4. Nanofertilizers: Importance in Nutrient Management

    Mona Nagargade, Vishal Tyagi, Dileep Kumar, et al.

    Plant Disease Management

    5. Polymeric Nano-fungicides for the Management of Fungal Diseases in Crops

    Ruma Rani and Pawan Kaur

    6. Nano-enabled Pesticides: Status and Perspectives

    CC Sheeja, Damodaran Arun and Lekha Divya

    7. Chitosan Nanomaterials for Post Flowering Stalk Rot Control in Maize

    Garima Sharma, Damyanti Prajapati, Ajay Pal and Vinod Saharan

    8. Nanophytovirology Approach to Combat Plant Viral Diseases

    Sanjana Varma, Neha Jaiswal, Niraj Vyawahare, et al.

    Miscellaneous Application of Nanoparticles

    9. Nanosilver and Smart Delivery in Agricultural System

    Rythem Anand and Madhulika Bhagat

    10. Recent Approaches in Nanobioformulation for Sustainable Agriculture

    Ngangom Bidyarani, Gunjan Vyas, Jyoti Jaiswal, et al.

    11. Nanobiosensors for Monitoring Soil and Water Health

    Archeka, Nidhi Chauhan, Neelam, Kusum and Vinita Hooda

    12. Bacterial Small RNA and Nanotechnology

    Vatsala Koul and Mandira Kochar

    13. Application of Nanoparticles for Quality and Safety Enhancement of Foods of Animal Origin

    Kandeepan Gurunathan

    14. Exploring the Potential of Nanotechnology in Cotton Breeding: Huge Possibilities Ahead

    Sapna Grewal, Promila, Santosh Kumari, Sonia Goel and Shikha Yashveer

    Section B: Environmental Nanotechnology

    Recycling of Agricultural Waste

    15. Synthesis of Agro-waste-mediated Silica Nanoparticles: An Approach Towards Sustainable Agriculture

    Rita Choudhary, Pawan Kaur and Alok Adholeya

    16. Recent Advances in Heavy Metal Removal: Using Nanocellulose Synthesized from Agricultural Waste

    Mandeep Kaur, Praveen Sharma and Santosh Kumari

    Ecosafety and Phytotoxicity

    17. Ecosafety and Phytotoxicity Associated with Titania Nanoparticles

    Nupur Bahadur and Paromita Das


    Sunil K. Deshmukh, Pushplata Prasad Singh