1st Edition

Nanotechnology in Textiles Advances and Developments in Polymer Nanocomposites

Edited By Mangala Joshi Copyright 2021
    936 Pages 44 Color & 222 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    936 Pages 44 Color & 222 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

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    In recent times, polymer nanocomposites have attracted a great deal of scientific interest due to their unique advantages over conventional plastic materials, such as superior strength, modulus, thermal stability, thermal and electrical conductivity, and gas barrier. They are finding real and fast-growing applications in wide-ranging fields such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, packaging, and sports. This book focuses on the development of polymer nanocomposites as an advanced material for textile applications, such as fibers, coatings, and nanofibers. It compiles and details cutting-edge research in the science and nanotechnology of textiles with special reference to polymer nanocomposites in the form of invited chapters from scientists and subject experts from various institutes from all over the world. They include authors who are actively involved in the research and development of polymer nanocomposites with a wide range of functions—including antimicrobial, flame-retardant, gas barrier, shape memory, sensor, and energy-scavenging—as well as medical applications, such as tissue engineering and wound dressings, to create a new range of smart and intelligent textiles. Edited by Mangala Joshi, a prominent nanotechnology researcher at the premier Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India, this book will appeal to anyone involved in nanotechnology, nanocomposites, advanced materials, polymers, fibers and textiles, and technical textiles.

    Advances in high-strength fibers based on nylon-clay nanocomposites

    Takeshi Kikutani, Rouhollah Semnani Rahbar and Shahin Kazemi

    POSS-based polymer nanocomposite fibers and nanofibers: a review on recent developments

    Mangala Joshi, Anasuya Roy and B. S. Butolaand

    Development in PCL-based antimicrobial nanocomposites fibers

    Bhuvanesh Gupta et al.

    Polymer nanocomposite fibers based on carbon nanomaterial for enhanced electrical properties

    Sohel Rana and Shama Parveen

    Dyeability of polymer nanocomposite fibers

    Bapan Adak, Mangala Joshi and Wazed Ali

    Bionanocomposites based on silk proteins and nanoclay

    Roli Purwar

    Recent developments on antimicrobial polymer nanocomposites: focus on fibers and yarns

    Mangala Joshi and Anasuya Roy

    Electrospun nanofibrous webs for gas sensing applications

    Bentolhoda Heli, Hanan Abdali and Abdellah Ajji

    Recent advances in electrospun nanocomposite nanofibrous webs for filtration

    Manjeet Jassal et al.

    Developments in antimicrobial biopolymer composite–based electrospun webs

    S. Wazed Ali, Rahul R Gadkari and Satyaranjan Bairagi

    Recent developments in transdermal drug delivery systems based on an electrospun nanofibrous scaffold

    Sirsendu Bhowmick and Veena Koul

    Developments in antimicrobial composite nanofibers for bacterial filtration

    Sanjay R. Dhakate and Ashish Gupta

    Nanocomposite nanofibrous webs for tissue engineering applications: a review

    R. Sahay and S. Ramakrishna

    Composite electrospun nanofibers for energy scavenging applications

    Anupam Chowdhury et al.

    Cellulosic nanofibers: a renewable nanomaterial for polymer nanocomposites

    Mrunalini K. Gaydhane and Chandra S. Sharma

    Carbon nanofibers: preparation, properties, and applications in composites

    Kingsuk Mukhopadhyay et al.

    Polymer nanocomposite fibers via self-assembly

    Puhup Puneet and Bhanu Nandan

    Nanocomposite fibers via green electrospinning

    Archana Samanta and Rajiv K. Srivastava

    Recent developments in gas barrier polymer nanocomposite coatings

    Bapan Adak and Mangala Joshi

    Fire-retardant nanocomposite coatings based on nanoclay and POSS

    P. Santhana et al.

    Self-cleaning textiles based on superhydrophobic nanocoatings

    Nagender Singh and Javed Sheikh

    Carbon nanomaterial–based conductive polymeric nanocomposite coatings for smart textile applications

    R. Senthilkumar, Mamatha M. Pillai and Amitava Bhattacharyya

    Coating textiles with antibacterial nanoparticles using the sonochemical technique

    N. Perkas, I. Perelshtein and A. Gedanken

    EM shielding materials and coatings derived from polymeric nanocomposites

    Sourav Biswas and Suryasarathi Bose

    Shape memory polymer nanocomposites for textiles

    Hema Garg et al.


    Mangala Joshi is a professor at the Department of Textile Technology of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT Delhi). She obtained a master’s in chemistry in 1984 and a PhD in polymer science and technology in 1992 from IIT Delhi. She won the National Award for Innovation in the field of polymer science and technology for 2012–13 instituted by the Department of Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India. Prof. Joshi is the author of more than 90 research articles published in several refereed journals and has received 2 patents.