1st Edition

Nanotemplating Engineering Nanocomposite Materials for the Future

Edited By Humphrey H. P. Yiu Copyright 2025
    288 Pages
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    Research in functional nanomaterials has been expanded exponentially since the turn of the millennium, and these nanomaterials have become more structurally complex in order to achieve the desired properties and functionalities. Scientists had taken ideas from evolution in nature and adapted these ideas for materials synthesis. We also exploit the unique properties of simple molecular systems for making functional nanomaterials.

    This book offers a comprehensive account on the recent development of several key classes of nanomaterials and their applications in various scientific areas. It summarizes the synthesis, development and characterization for each type of materials. The six chapters start with the simplest "zero"-dimensional nanoparticles and then gradually increase in complexity of the materials towards synthesis using biological templates. Researchers in materials science, nanotechnology and chemistry, especially those interested in functional materials, can use this book as a useful reference.

    1. Surfactants and Micelles: Templates for Organic and Inorganic Nanoparticles

    2. Ordered Mesoporous Silicas: Liquid Crystal Templating

    3. Extended Materials from Ordered Mesoporous Silica: Mesocellular Foams and Non-Siliceous Mesoporous Materials

    4. Inverse Opal: Ordered Macroporous Inorganic Oxide Nanomaterials

    5. Molecular Imprinting: The Key and Lock Match

    6. Bio-Templating: Using Templates from Nature to Form Nanomaterials


    Humphrey H. P. Yiu is currently Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University, UK. He graduated with a PhD in nanoporous materials from the University of Huddersfield, UK. He is an expert in the design and synthesis of nanomaterials for biomedical and environmental applications with over 60 research papers.