1st Edition

Narrative Comprehension, Causality, and Coherence Essays in Honor of Tom Trabasso

    This volume provides an excellent overview of the field of discourse processes, capturing both its breadth and its depth. World-renowned researchers present the latest theoretical developments and thought-provoking empirical data. In doing so, they cover a broad range of communicative activities, including text comprehension, conversational communication, argumentation, television or media viewing, and more.

    A central theme across all chapters concerns the notion that coherence determines the interpretation of the communication. The various chapters illustrate the many forms that coherence can take, and explore its role in different communicative settings.

    Contents: S.R. Goldman, A.C. Graesser, P. van den Broek, Essays in Honor of Tom Trabasso. J.P. Magliano, P. van den Broek, Reflections on a Mentor, Colleague, and Friend. P. van den Broek, M. Gustafson, Comprehension and Memory for Texts: Three Generations of Reading Research. E.J. O'Brien, J.L. Myers, Text Comprehension: A View From the Bottom Up. J.P. Magliano, Revealing Inference Processes During Text Comprehension. A.C. Graesser, K. Wiemer-Hastings, Situation Models and Concepts in Story Comprehension. R.A. Zwaan, Five Dimensions of Narrative Comprehension: The Event-Indexing Model. G.H. Bower, M. Rinck, Goals as Generators of Activation in Narrative Understanding. S.R. Goldman, K.O. Varma, D. Sharp, The Cognition and Technology Group at Vanderbilt, Children's Understanding of Complex Stories: Issues of Representation and Assessment. P. Boscolo, L. Cisotto, On Narrative Reading-Writing Relationships: How Young Writers Construe the Reader's Need for Inferences. M. Singer, N. Gagnon, Detecting Causal Inconsistencies in Scientific Text. C.R. Fletcher, S. Lucas, C.M. Baron, Comprehension of Mathematical Proofs. M.A. Britt, C.A. Perfetti, R. Sandak, J-F. Rouet, Content Integration and Source Separation in Learning From Multiple Texts. J.F. Voss, J. Wiley, R. Sandak, On the Use of Narrative as Argument. H. Ross, M. Ross, A. Wilson, M. Smith, The Dandelion War. N.L. Stein, R.A. Sheldrick, S.C. Broaders, Predicting Psychological Well-Being From Beliefs and Goal Appraisal Processes During the Experience of Emotional Events.


    Susan R. Goldman, Arthur C. Graesser, Paul van den Broek

    "...these essays provide an excellent introduction to some of the major themes and issues in current theoretical debates concerning text comprehension. In addition, however, the contributors to this volume succeed at demonstrating how basic psychological research on narrative comprehensions can contribute to the solution of important, practically relevant problems in a variety of applied settings."
    Applied Cogntive Psychology