1st Edition

Narrative Theory Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies

Edited By Mieke Bal
    1680 Pages
    by Routledge

    This set of volumes sketches the history, breadth, and applicability of narrative theory, thus demonstrating its value as an analytical instrument. The collection includes articles from the leading names of narrative theory, such as Roland Barthes, Mikhail Bakhtin, Tzvetan Todorov and Jean-Françoise Lyotard, as well as lesser-known, though equally important, contributions.
    Titles already available in this series include Deconstruction (2002, 4 volumes, £450) and Modernism (2002, 5 volumes, £550). Forthcoming titles include Romanticism (2005, 4 volumes, c.£475) and Structuralism (2006, 4 volumes, c.£495).

    Volume I: Close reading or micro-stylistic analysis
    The first volume provides a range of theoretical 'models' for the analysis of narrative style, and examines how these bear on important - though not necessarily canonical - literary texts.
    Volume II: Structural analysis of larger artefacts
    Since structuralist narratology, as distinct from style analyses, remains highly abstract, this volume consists of sample analyses of a variety of cultural artefacts, with an emphasis on plot and structure, as well as the key theoretical articles.
    Volume III: Politically and socially oriented critiques of culture
    Volume three demonstrates the ongoing and increasing relevance of narratological tools and concepts for a politically aware analysis.
    Volume IV: Interdisciplinary methods
    The last volume includes texts that explicitly broach the question of how narrative theory can be brought to bear on objects not traditionally considered primarily narrative.