1st Edition

National Environmental Policy (NEPA) Process

By K.S. Murthy Copyright 1988

    This book is mainly about the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 and the process for its implementation. This is most often called theNEPA process. The need for this book arises because, although the awareness for faithful implementation of NEPA has now matured, the method of NEPA implementation is not always known, and hence, needs to be clearly laid out for the benefit of project engineers and the decision makers in government and industry. This book aims to do that.

    1. Environmental Statues 2. Technical Aspects of Statues, Standards, and Regulations 3. The NEPA Process 4. How to Write Environmental Documents 6. Selecting Control Technologies for Compliance with Regulations 7. NEPA and the Nuclear Waste Policy Act 8. After the Record of Decision 9. Empathising with the Public 10. Answers to Some Common Questions About NEPA Process 11. Control Technology Bibliography


    K.S. Murthy