1st Edition

National Identities and Socio-Political Changes in Latin America

    This study frames the social dynamics of Latin American in terms of two types of cultural momentum: foundational momentum and the momentum of global order in contemporary Latin America.

    Introduction: National Identities and Sociopolitical Changes in Latin America, Antonio Gomez-Moriana and Mercedes F. Duran-Cogan 1. The concept of identity, Jorge Larrain Ibanez 2. Towards the Sociogenic Principle: Fanon, identity, the puzzle of conscious experience, and what it is like to be black, Sylvia Wynter 3. Words and Images. Figurating and Dis-Figurating Identity, Mercedes F. Duran-Cogan 4. From the petit recit to the grand recit: Experiences of subjectivity in modern Spain and the contemporary world, Antonio Gomez-Moriana 5. Latin American silver and the early globalization of world trade, Dennis O. Flynn and Arturo Giraldez 6. Ethnic identity and the Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, Jose Alejos Garcia 7. The Indian identity, the existential anguish and the eternal return (El tiempo principia en Xibalba, by Luis de Lion), Tatiana Bubnova 8. Moors or Indians? Stereotype and the crisis of (national) identity in Ignacio Altamirano and Manuel de Jesus Galvan, Isabel de Sena 9. Engendering the Nation, Nationalizing the Sacred: Guadalupismo and the Cinematic (Re)Formation of Mexican Consciousness, Elena Feder 10. The Rhetoric of Pathology: political propaganda and national identity during the military process in Argentina, James R. Cisneros 11. National identity and state ideology in Argentina, Victor Armony 12. Caliban in Aztlan: From the Emergence of Chicano Discourse to the Plural Constitution of New Solidarities, Jose Antonio Gimenez Mico 13. Between Iconography and Demonology: The Faces at the Fiesta of the Senor del Gran Poder, Marcelo Nusenovich 14. Valparaiso School of Architecture Dossier, Various Authors


    Antonio Gomez-Moriana, Mercedes Duran-Cogan