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National Institute Social Services Library 42 Volume Set

    8738 Pages
    by Routledge

    The National Institute for Social Work Training was set up in 1961 following proposals put forward in the 1959 Eileen Younghusband report for an independent staff college for social work. It ran for 42 years until 2003. The Institute’s book series, the National Institute Social Services Library, published around 50 titles on all aspects of social work practice and training, providing a comprehensive resource for those in the field. This 42-volume collection originally published between 1964 and 1985 forms the majority of that series.

    1. Introduction to a Social Worker National Institute for Social Work Training (1964)

    2. Caring for People: Staffing Residential Homes The Report of the Committee of Enquiry set up by the National Council of Social Service (1967)

    3. Volunteers in Prison After-Care: The Report of the Teamwork Associates Pilot Project Hugh Barr (1971)

    4. Plans and Provisions for the Mentally Handicapped Margaret Bone, Bernie Spain & F. M. Martin (1972)

    5. Community Work: Learning and Supervision Catherine Briscoe & David N. Thomas (Eds) (1977)

    6. The Field Training of Social Workers: A Survey S. Clement Brown & E. R. Gloyne (1966)

    7. Sheltered Housing for the Elderly: Policy, Practice and the Consumer Alan Butler, Christine Oldman & John Greve (1983)

    8. Day Services for Adults: Somewhere to Go Jan Carter (1981)

    9. Social Work and Ethnicity Juliet Cheetham (Ed.) (1982)

    10. Old Age Homes Roger Clough (1981)

    11. Social Policy and Administration Revisited: Studies in the Development of Social Services at the Local Level David Donnison & Valerie Chapman, Michael Meacher, Angela Sears & Kenneth Urwin (1975)

    12. Mental Health Social Work Observed Mike Fisher, Clive Newton & Eric Sainsbury (1984)

    13. Homeless Near a Thousand Homes: A Study of Families Without Homes in South Wales and the West of England Bryan Glastonbury (1971)

    14. Helping the Aged: A Field Experiment in Social Work E. Matilda Goldberg (1970)

    15. Social Work in General Practice E. Matilda Goldberg & June E. Neill (1972)

    16. Ends and Means in Social Work: The Development and Outcome of a Case Review System for Social Workers E. Matilda Goldberg & R. William Warburton (1979)

    17. Problems, Tasks and Outcomes: The Evaluation of Task-Centred Casework in Three Settings E. Matilda Goldberg, Jane Gibbons & Ian Sinclair (1985)

    18. Adoption Policy and Practice: A Study Iris Goodacre (1966)

    19. When Social Services are Local: The Normanton Experience Roger Hadley & Morag McGrath (1984)

    20. Across the Generations: Old People and Young Volunteers Roger Hadley, Adrian Webb & Christine Farrell (1975)

    21. The Point of Entry: A Study of Client Reception in the Social Services Anthony S. Hall (1974)

    22. The Boundaries of Change in Community Work Paul Henderson, David Jones & David N. Thomas (Eds) (1980)

    23. Charging for Social Care: A Study of Consumer Charges and the Personal Social Services Ken Judge & James Matthews (1980)

    24. Group Work: Learning and Practice Nano McCaughan (Ed.) (1978)

    25. Mother and Baby Homes: A Survey of Homes for Unmarried Mothers Jill Nicholson (1968)

    26. Child Care: Needs and Numbers Jean Packman (1968)

    27. Decision in Child Care: A Study of Prediction in Fostering R. A. Parker (1966)

    28. Staff and Student Supervision: A Task-Centered Approach Dorothy E. Pettes (1979)

    29. Towards Death with Dignity: Caring for Dying People Sylvia Poss (1981)

    30. Adoption of Non-White Children: The Experience of a British Adoption Project Lois Raynor (1970)

    31. The Adopted Child Comes of Age Lois Raynor (1980)

    32. Professional Education for Social Work in Britain: An Historical Account Marjorie J. Smith (1965)

    33. Integrating Social Work Methods Harry Specht & Anne Vickery (Eds) (1977)

    34. Claimant or Client? A Social Worker's View of the Supplementary Benefits Commission Olive Stevenson (1973)

    35. Organising for Social Change: A Study in the Theory and Practice of Community Work David N. Thomas (1976)

    36. The Supportive Network: Coping with Old Age G. Clare Wenger (1984)

    37. A Place Like Home: A Hostel for Disturbed Adolescents W. David Wills (1970)

    38. Social Work and Social Change Eileen Younghusband (1964)

    39. Social Work with Families: Readings in Social Work (Volume 1) Compiled by Eileen Younghusband (1965)

    40. New Developments in Casework: Readings in Social Work (Volume 2) Compiled by Eileen Younghusband (1966)

    41. Social Work and Social Values: Readings in Social Work (Volume 3) Compiled by Eileen Younghusband (1967)

    42. Education for Social Work: Readings in Social Work (Volume 4) Compiled by Eileen Younghusband (1968)


    Multivolume collection by various authors.