1st Edition

National Resources and Urban Policy

Edited By Douglas E. Ashford Copyright 1980

    First published in 1980 National Resources and Urban Policy critically examines how resource constraints affect urban development and urban policy making. With case studies from the United States, several European countries and Japan it brings themes like federal assistance programs; local government revenues; urban resources, the American capital market, and federal programs; urban investment controls in Britain; local government investment expenditures in West Germany; Japan confronts its cities; New York City fiscal crisis; public housing in metropolitan London; and restructuring the resource flow. This book is a must read for scholars and researchers of urban politics, public administration, urban studies, public policy and political studies.

    Preface 1. Introduction Douglas E. Ashford Part I: Politics, Policy, and Urban Resources in the United States 2. Federal Assistance Programs: The Politics of System Transformation Thomas J. Anton 3. Autonomy and Dependence: The Maze of Local Government Revenues Samuel B. Bacharach, Jonathan Reader, and George Rolleston 4. Urban Resources, the American Capital Market, and Federal Programs Thomas Boast Part II: National Constraints on Urban Resources 5. La Tutelle Financiere: New Wine in Old Bottles? Douglas E. Ashford 6. Urban Investment Controls in Britain Ian D. Ball 7. Effects of Federal and State Grants on Local Government Investment Expenditures in West Germany Bernd Reissert 8. Japan Confronts its Cities: Central-Local Relations in a Changing Political Context Michio Muramatsu and Ronald Aqua Part III: Urban Decisions and National Resources 9. National-Local Interaction and the New York City Fiscal Crisis Martin Shefter 10. Options on the Metropolitan Fringe: Strategies of Airport Development Elliot J. Feldman and Jerome Milch 11. Implementing an Urban Strategy: The Case of Public Housing in Metropolitan London Ken Young 12. Cities without Power: The Transformation of American Urban Regimes Stephen L. Elkin 13. Conclusion: Restructuring the Resource Flow Douglas E. Ashford Select Bibliography


    Douglas E. Ashford