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    Nations and nationalism are central phenomena of the modern world, feeding into every aspect of personal and social life - the family, economy, culture, politics and international relations. This multi-volume collection of articles and chapters is the most comprehensive guide yet published on the subject of nationalism. It brings together in a compact format the major texts, many of which are scattered in specialist and inaccessible journals. Beginning with classic texts of Max Weber and concluding with contributions by postmodernists, this set aims to provide students and scholars with an overview of the most important debates and lines of enquiry.
    A general introduction outlines the main theoretical approaches and section introductions comment on the specific selections. There is also an extensive new index.

    Volume I, Concepts and Definitions, Primordialism and Perennialism, Modernism and Post-Modernism, Volume II, Nationalism in Europe, Volume III, Nationalism in Africa and Asia, Volume IV, Nationalism in the Americas and Australasia, Nationalism and Culture, Feminism and Nationalism, Volume V, Nationalism and Politics, Transcending the Nation.
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