1st Edition

Nationalisms & Sexualities

    474 Pages
    by Routledge

    474 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1992, Nationalisms and Sexualities addresses questions of how notions of identity are shaped by discussions of nationalism and sexuality. The book looks at a variety of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives, on a wide range of geographical regions and historical moments. The volume departs from social scientific paradigms that treat nation and sexuality as discrete and autonomous entities. Its contributors respond instead to emerging issues that redefine the horizons of what is globally considered today as "the political": how the formation of sexual, gendered, racial, and/or class identities have contributed to the formation of sexual, gendered, racial, and/or class identities, and vice versa; how technologies of representation play a role in the constitution of national and sexual identities; how colonialism and postcolonialism have altered consolidations of national and sexual identities.


    Introduction, Andrew Parker, Mary Russo, Doris Sommer and Patricia Yaeger

    Part I: (De)Colonizing Gender

    1. Don(Juanito) Duck and the Imperial-Patriarchal Unconscious: Disney Studios, the Good Neighbor Policy, and the Packaging of Latin America, Julianne Burton

    2. Misgendering the Nation: African Nationalist Fictions and Nuruddin Farah’s Maps, Rhonda Cobham

    3. Bradford’s "Ancient Members" and "A Case of Buggery… Amongst Them", Jonathan Goldberg

    4. Nationalism, Gender, and the Narrative of Identity, R. Radhakrishnan

    5. Woman in Difference: Mahasweta Devi’s "Douloti the Bountiful, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

    Part II: Tailoring the Nation

    6. The Occidental Tourist: M.Butterfly and the Scandal of Transvestism, Marjorie Garber

    7. Fashioning Cuba, Norman S. Holland

    8. Dismantling Irena: The Sexualizing of Ireland in Early Modern England, Ann Rosalind Jones and Peter Stallybrass

    Part III: The Other Country

    9. Plague in Germany, 1939/1989: Cultural Images of Race, Space, and Disease, Sander L. Gilman

    10. "White Slavery," Citizenship and Nationality in Argentina, Donna J. Guy

    11. From Nation to Family: Containing "African AIDS", Cindy Patton

    12. Nationalisms and Sexualities in the Age of Wilde, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

    13. Revolution Must Come First: Reading V. Aksenov’s Island of Crimea, Greta N. Slobin

    Part IV: Spectacular Books

    14. Tearooms and Sympathy, or, The Epistemology of the Water Closet, Lee Edelman

    15. Lovers and Workers: Screening the Body in Post-Communist Hungarian Cinema, Catherine Portuges

    16. From Foreground to Margin: Female Configuration and Masculine Self-Representation in Black Nationalist Fiction, Joyce Hope Scott

    17. The Parricidal Phantasm: Irish Nationalist Fiction and the Playboy Riots, Stephen Tifft

    Part V: "To Govern Is to Populate"

    18. Some Speculations on the History of "Sexual Intercourse" During the "Long Eighteenth Century" in England, Henry Abelove

    19. State Fatherhood: The Politics of Nationalism, Sexuality and Race in Singapore, Geraldine Heng and Janadas Devan

    20. From Rough Lads to Hooligans: Boy Life, National Culture and Social Reform, Seth Koven

    Part VI: Women, Resistence and the State

    21. Indian Nationalism, Gandhian "Satyagraha," and Representations of Female Sexuality, Ketu H. Katrak

    22. Telling Spaces: Palestinian Women and the Engendering of National Narratives, Mary Layoun

    23. Revolution, Islam and Women: Sexual Politics ion Iran and Afghanistan, Valentine M. Moghadam



    Andrew Parker, Mary Russo, Doris Sommer, Patricia Yeager